As a tech with 20+ years, I would first like to say that in the beginning, the company seemed to be very fair. I used to brag about

Terminix and tell everyone how they were fair and took care of their employees.

The changes that have taken place within the last 18 months has changed my outlook immensely. I have always been very loyal to Terminix over the years and now they have come in and given us a paycut and I take that as a slap in the face. The first month of the new pay plan I have lost in excess of $700. I feel as though my whole outlook on Terminix has changed.

I find myself not even wanting to get out of bed in the morning. A job that I once enjoyed has become nothing but stressful to say the least. It's a good thing our benefits give us free legal service, many of us will need it to file bankruptcy. In the past, techs were told that we were responsible to control our own routes, now we are dictated on how to run a route.

Not to mention, all of the ridiculous rules that come down on a daily basis that makes the job harder and harder to perform. It is pretty sad when customers are telling you the only reason that they stay with Terminix is because of the tech that they have and if that tech leaves to go to another company the customers are ready to move with that tech. Terminix better wake up or they are going to find themselves without customers or employees! I could go on forever, but will just express one last thought - how many techs out there were HIRED as salesmen and how much sales training have you received?

NONE!!! But that is how you are supposed to make up your lost wages!

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I am a former employee 22 years as office support. It broke my heart to see and hear our customers being treated so awful, and yet I could not stop it. Terminix has lost site of who pays their salaries without customers no one has jobs.


Yeah it's bull. They snuck a pay cut last year and now a second pay cut in 2 years.

Everyone from branch managers and higher are sleazy. Since they do not value the technicians' experience, I hope they learn the hard way.

I hope there are more fines and lawsuits due to unskilled techs. I hope damage claims reach record highs.

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