Fail. We fired Terminex.

I'm sorry to write a bad review, I usually refrain as it impacts a company's business. But, it does not seem that Terminex cares too much about the people lining their pockets, namely me! We have had annual pest contracts with them and my husband was a believer, although I always thought we were throwing money away. A few years ago their service seemed to be pretty good, and knowledgeable professional guys would come out to do our annual inspection, although we never would receive the follow up report even after I called to get it.

But more recently this year, we had them do a termite inspection for three areas we saw the granules, and they wanted to charge $700 for spot treatments. A local company came out and did a thorough inspection and determined quite different results from Terminex, the granules (termites) were located in much different location then where the actual granules were ending up, so Terminex would have treated the wrong areas, leads me to believe the Terminex guy was not knowledgeable about termites! Then we had an ant invasion on a weekend recently and called on Monday for them to come out (included in our annual pest contract) and the earliest they could come was the following Friday. And, they didn't show up.

We got home from work and called and the gal said she would contact the tech who was still supposed to be coming and we'd get a call back within the hour. No call. We give up.

They are fired. Our time IS valuable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Moved into resale home. Terminex guy drove up in expensive Lexus.

Walked property inside and out. Walked up and showed me a stick with termites on it. $1200 for treatment, sign a contract for 2 yrs. I would get back to him.

Next door neighbor gave the name of local family owned, several years in the business. Came out, no termites found (?) did a preventive treatment with a signed 2 yr. Contract for $120 year included quarterly checks. He was hesitant to say, the stick w/termites possibly came from his pocket.

Franchises put pressure on employees to sell, sell, sell. Best to go local.

to John #602814

Termites don't travel well, he probably found it on your property. Try to keep ants on a rock you flip over... It doesn't work

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