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I applied for a Branch Manager position with Terminix in Woburn, Massachusetts. Jeff Cohen, the manager contacted me and we scheduled a phone interview.

Phone interview went fine so we set up a face to face interview. Face to Face interview went fine since all he talked about was his 20 year career with Terminix and how big and profitable the company was. During this 1/2 hour interview Jeff asked me a total of 3 questions about myself. Anyway, the interview went ok since he asked me back for now a second interview with Bill, the Regional VP.

I met with Bill and more of the same blah...blah...blah about Terminix this and service master that. Again, there was no discussion about the actual job that I was applying for. This time Bill asked me a whopping 4 questions during the entire interview. When the interview was over Bill says to me "we don't like to waste people's time so I will be in touch within a week".

A week and 3 days go by and no call or email. I call the Woburn branch office and get a national call center which tells me they do not have a listing for a Jeff Cohen, Branch Manager and don't have a Jeff Cohen listed ay all. After 15 minutes on hold, she finally finds him and his secret voicemail box and puts me through. I left a message and 15 minutes later I get a generic email from servicemaster (who owns Terminix) that says we have decided to choose a more qualified candidate.

So after 1/2 hour filling out the online job application, 15-20 minute phone interview, 2 trips to Woburn, Ma. and 1 1/2 hours of interviews, not only do they not call back as stated, they send me an email. You gotta be kidding. I am trying to find work man.

I have a family to take care of. Why did you waste my time and not have the common decency of a phone call. You are both little, little men and spineless! Do not waste your time like I did with Terminix.

I must say, I have never posted a complaint before but these clowns need to be retired and put out to pasture. Just read the thousands of complaints as I just did.

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Maybe you weren't qualified for the position or there was a better qualified candidate. I've had job interviews before and didn't get the job, but didn't go online whining about it. Maybe instead of leaving reviews for every job that turns you down, keep putting in applications, you might actually, you know, get a job.


trust me, they did you a HUGE favor by hiring someone else "more qualified". Terminix only cares about $$$ - plain and simple.

I worked there for over two years, and though I'm working somewhere else making less money, I am much much happier.

I know you are looking for a job, but I would never advise anyone to involve themselves with this company. They are truly rotten to the core.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #437551

Unfortunately all of the Service-Master companies (Terminix, Trugreen, etc.)operate this way. They build themselves up telling everyone how great they are.

But they don't take good care of their mployees or their customers. They all have a very impersonal, unorganized style of doing business.

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