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I've been a 25 year customer and somehow lived through Terminex's below average scheduling. Despite yearly complaining about sending me a bill 6 months before my expiration month, I seceduled an appointment from 8-10 this Monday.

I scheduled 3-4 months early go get that time slot. Two days ago I get an email from Terminex stating my appointment is NOW late in the afternoon. NO CALL ASKING ME. NOTHING.

THEY just arbitrarilily change things like I'm in the Army. I called two times asking a rep to call me. Nothing. It is by far the worst run company I have ever dealt with.

Why I'm still with them is my fault.

3 years ago I times my inspection of my 5,000 sq ft house. Eight minutes from entering my front door until walking out. Cost over $400.

I call yo complain to the manager. THE GUY WHO DID THE 8 MINUTE JOB WAS THE MANAGER.


Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Reason of review: Scheduling.

Preferred solution: For making me change my schedule after 3 months in stone appointment, I would propose a fee reduction for my aggravation. .

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QUOTE : "sending me a bill 6 months before my expiration month" That is reprehensible.They tried that nonsense with me but tried grabbing it from my credit card (which failed, as I had blocked any transaction by them days earlier). I properly cancelled their so called "automatic renewal" contract, in writing, 30+ days before the true end of the term, Certified Mail with a signed return receipt on my desk.

They continue to call and leave messages about our "account". This has progressed way beyond accepting (or making) any calls.

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