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Terminix are killers of pets like cats and dogs… The employees of that Company are unprofessional they don’t know nothing and they don’t care if there is any animal inside or under the house before they put the gas… This Company killed my lovely cat Ronsi… And I have the photos to prove…. That happened at 749 NE 82ND Street in Miami, Fla.

33138 (Next door of my house)

My Cat Ronsi was a member of our family... I call my lawyer and we are trying to come to a settlement with the Insurance Company I don’t want my cat to be death in vain for the negligence of the employees. They knew I had pets and they didn’t come to my house to let me know that they were going to tent a house next to me.

That night I called my cat and never show up. And the next day when I talk to the manager of Terminix he told me he check the house everywhere before they put the gas and he did not find my cat inside….He was a liar.

Reason of review: Negligence They kill my cat..

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lack of service, Unprfessionals, Service, Fraudulent activity, Unprofessionals.

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Keep your car at your own house. Not their job to be looking for neighbors pets that obviously don't care where they are anyway. I don't let my family " go under my neighbors house"


Why was your cat at the neighbor's house in the first place? If you knew that was going on, obviously you did since you asked questions, why didn't you bring your cat in the house right away? Sounds like your cat is with better owners now.

to Anonymous #1169061

The neighbors never told us anything about tenting the house... And they knew I have cats...

During the night all my cats sleep inside my house, only in the morning they love to go outside. My wife many times talk to the owners to please let us know a day in advanced before tenting the house and them never did. Terminix management they were supposed to check everything before putting the gas.

I hope it never happened to you... Terminix don’t care about pets…Only about MONEY!!!!

Ohio, United States #1149169

I am disgusted by this. I am so sorry for the loss of your baby Ronsi.

Not sure the time frame of this incident, as I am

just passing through this site for reviews on a company. I am however an advocate for the voiceless, and when I see or read about deliberate acts of cruelness or neglect projected onto an innocent & helpless animal, it shakes me in a way that most people can't quite grasp.

This piece of garbage of a person had to get his job done, and instead of doing it the safe and proper way-he hurried through released the gas to go off. His disgusting lazyself was only looking out for himself.

I wasn't even there, and I can guarantee this! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to maneuver around and make noise, rattle something to hear motion. BOOM! knowledge of a feline in the area.

It doesn't take a scientist, but it DOES take a person that IS NOT a *** & lazy- looking to just get his/her lazy**s job done -darn well knowing even if that means the chance of a cat (that's loved) is to be found BEFORE proceding - the outcome of inhaling and getting involved with those chemicals/gasses is very known of what the outcome -He didn't care-he's a lier and so is his awful company.

Your cat died a horrendous death by the inhalation of poisonous fumes- and Terminix could care a less! And I am so sorry you're raw and hurting so deeply

to Luvmyernie #1149281

This happened in Feb. of this year and my heart still broken.

I haven't been able to get his neglected death out of my mind. This could have been avoided by just a simple search before the gas was released or just a simple notification to all the neighbors (by the way, this should be imposed to all pest control companies). I want to thank you for taking your time to express such beautiful words for my cat Ronsi. He was very lovable, friendly and a big member of our family.

Nothing is the same anymore. People only care about themselves and animals don't mean anything to them. Like if animals didn't have feelings. My cat probably had more feelings that those idiots that tented the house, specially knowing that there were animals in the neighborhood, and they could have gotten scared and run under the house.

Probably what happened to Ronsi.

I don't want this to happen to someone else. We miss him very much.

to Anonymous #1554486

Hi, I read your review and I think the extermination company was negligent. Your neighbors also were negligent and are partly responsible for what happened since they were aware that the neighbors’ pets were entering their house/property because they, the owners, had not secured the property to prevent pets from accessing it or getting trapped.

I don’t know what your relationship is with this neighbor, but even if it is bad, I can’t imagine anyone deliberately causing the death of an innocent pet. I also don’t know to what extent the house was accessible, but what if a homeless person or a neighborhood child had gotten trapped there?

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