Black Creek, North Carolina

The choice of advertisement used by Terminex is visually offensive. It frightens me to see and hear the big pink monster sized termite.

The termites are depicted as invading a neighborhood from the sky, touching the streets, and entering the homes. These graphics frighten me to the point of sheer paid and then the nightmares occur if its late enough in the evening. The ads come with no warning disclosure of potentially offensive graphics. It appears that the Marketing and Advertising executives are deranged and find it effective as a business practice.

These images have obviously not just effected me negatively, but include other consumers as well. Looking forward to seeing these types of ads banned.

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Are you seriously, seriously worried about this when there's serious stuff going on in the world? Are you kidding me?

DO you know what trauma is? Trauma is losing a limb, watching someone die, losing your eyesight or hearing ability. Trauma doesn't come from a commercial--and I have a very, very easy solution for you--CHANGE THE CHANNEL! Do you know how to do that?

You know what I don't like? (other than idiotic comments like this) I don't like watching Investigation Discovery at night by myself because it scares me--so guess what I do, genius? I TURN THE TV OFF OR I CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Personally I've never heard of someone having a TV stuck on one channel that won't change or a TV that won't turn off-it's one or the other sweetheart.

Take a trip over to a local shelter or go watch some soldiers come home from Iraq, or talk to someone who has lost their legs or a child and THEN you can write about being traumatized. This is just outright disgusting--NOT your awful commercials, and the fact that you're actually, seriously complaining about this terrorizes me way more than even a REAL termite--or here's one for you-- A MILLION LARGE PINK TERMITES CRAWLING ALL OVER ME WHILE I'M STRAPPED DOWN!

Do some research! Not liking a commercial is NOT TRAUMA!


what a dumb *** complainer.Shut your dam tv off.

:cry :cry :cry

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