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The other day a young man with Terminix clothing and ID came to the door saying "I don't know if you've heard about what's been going on in the neighborhood but we're out here treating homes for infestations that can be dangerous…" etc etc etc. As he was talking he was showing me laminated pages of images of various insects, one in particular - an ant.

I said I don't have a problem and didn't need the service, and my phone was in fact ringing. He said, "ok, I was just going over here to "Dana's" to schedule them so I'll come back when I'm done." "Dana" is my neighbor. So I answered my phone. Young man came back, continued his schpeal talking about how "you can't see the damage they're doing….

one time offer… super low quarterly payments" (of upwards of $100?)… I said we don't have a problem, but leave a card and info and I'll call if we need service. He said he didn't have any cards or info to leave, and that this was a one-time, at-the-door offer. No thanks, I'll take may chances. I asked about the ant image he first showed me, that the area was having a problem with - it was a fire ant.

He agreed that fire ants aren't an issue in this part of the country, but that he was using it to just show an ant. Ok - so there is no "problem in the area" that I might've "heard about".

Nice lie, kid. Turns out "Dana" didn't hire them either.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Our service tech said they are under pressure to get in fast, and try to up sell additional services. He frequently did not have the correct product for the application.

He complained that if he could find a better job, he would leave Terminex in a heartbeat due to the stress.

We just cancelled Terminex and hired a local vendor. We're getting much better results.

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