I called TERMINIX I don't trust them doing a good job. I moved in to some apartment complex in October.

Its a two bedroom one for my daughter. I started to notice my daughter waking up with bites. At first i thought maybe just sum mosquito but then start seeing the bites more often on her. So my husband and I checked her room one night and ended finding 2 BEDBUGS they had blood in them still.

Okay no more bites on my daughter. After a few more days it happened again she woke up with same problem. We checked again and ended killing 6 BEDBUGS the 2 time. I try putting everything i thought could kill them.

So I called TERMINIX they did a free expection. Had a men sent over and was so disappointed because he just stand by my daughter's room door with a light and just looked around and said I don't see any sign of bedbugs here. I even tried to show him the bites my daughter had due to it but he ignored me completely. He was here less than 2 min and left.

I really got so angry he could do more to try looking for them or something. Since that day that my daughter has not got bitten she now sleeps w

in my room and gotten any more bites. But i really DO NOT RECOMEND TERMINIX TO ANYONE.

I can't go and say I'm satisfied because im not I even called terminix and told them what happened and ended with nothing. I really think if they do expections it's for them to take longer looking not for them just to glaze and see what pops out.

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So you're complaining because you didn't like the "free expection"? If you know you have bed bugs, why don't you purchase a treatment?

Sounds to me that the inspector could tell that you were shady so he didn't need to waste his time. Then you complained to the company expecting a free treatment. That's why you said you called to complain but they didn't offer you anything.

Bottom line, you get what you pay for. You paid nothing, do font complain.

Aberdeen, Maryland, United States #789131

This happened in charlotte nc :(

I forgot to mention where

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