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As usual, the sales pitch sounds promising... You buy the annual contract....

but just like ANY "insurance", it is never as good as it sounded. IF you ever get to the point where you have them over a barrel, they only pay a pitance of what insect repair is going to cost. The excuse is always "company policy"... WHAT??

They 'hire' their own contractor, and then beat him down to a price that THEY have in mind, and that is the end of that, if the contractor ever wants to work again. Terminex seems to be good with their reputation. This coming from an exterminator FOR Terminex. And THEY should know.

Truly Nolan's rep was glad to see his predecesor take seriously ill, so HE could get the job, and he recommended 'planting' termites in neighbors yards to get the $25 referral fee !! Find someone else, or use a can of RAID!

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If you really worked for Terminix, then all you have to do is tell people you do, and no one will use them any more. Claiming RAID kills termites is wrong, and you are illiterate.

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