We signed up for their annual termite inspections/service as well as their quarterly pest control service. Just cancelled both contracts out of total disgust over their horrible customer service and attitudes of disinterest toward customer complaints about their service.

I will just give one example of many about their horrible customer service. I had an appointment scheduled with a 2 hour window for my quarterly pest control. I stayed at home and waited....they guy never showed or called. I called Terminix after the 2 hour window was expired. They were not apologetic, they only offered to reschedule appointment....which I did but I also left a message for them to have a service manager contact me to discuss....because I thought that at least a courtesy phone call would have been appropriate to let me know if they could not make it or were behind schedule but to have not even heard from them felt very rude to me and displayed a lack of consideration of MY time that I waited for a no show....guess what....I also never heard back from the service manager either....

My rescheduled appointment was scheduled for the same day on the following week...once again, another 2 hour window. I wait...the two hour time period expires and once again the guy never shows up...or even calls to notify. I once again call Terminix and explain my frustration....again they are not apologetic for the bad service, they only offer to reschedule....again. I reschedule again and also ask to speak with a service manager....they said they could not transfer me, but would leave the service manager a msg. to call me back. And again, I NEVER do get a return call the service manager. This exact same story plays out a 3rd time for the rescheduled appointment. This time I call and ask for a Branch manager as obviously it is a waste of time to leave messages for a service manager. They told me they could not transfer me to a branch manager so I asked to be transferred to the department that could cancel both of my contracts (termite and pest control). They transferred me to their executive offices instead. I got a woman who listened to my frustration and who assured me that I would get a phone call within 24 hours from a service manager to resolve my complaints. I told her that I needed to get a phone call after 2:00 (because I work until 2:00 and cannot get calls at work) and I needed a call on my cell phone (not my home phone as I knew they wouldn't reach me there but I will have my cell with me). I got home and found that he called me on my home phone before 2:00 disregarding what the lady from the executive offices has instructed. He also left a number to call him back, and when I did, that number routed my call to Florida and the people there didn't know who this man was....so he even left a return number where he could not be reached....great service....not!!!!! I called again to cancel my contract, I got a nice man on the phone and he was very nice and apologetic for all the problems I have been having with their service but then he transferred me to the same lady in the executive offices that I had spoken to last time....I explained to her that the guy who she asked to contact me did contact me, but that he disregarded the number to call me at as well as the time of day. She assured me that she did include that information in the message to him asking him to call me. She said that she would get someone to call me right away.....that was one week ago....and I still have not heard from anyone. I would NEVER give them my business again. They are horrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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I totally agree with you about Terminix. I will never give them another dime.

Terrible customer service and for me the product did not work at all.

Their site says they will come out and take care of problems if the service isn't working for free. Well they charged me for a return visit.

Stay far away from Terminix!


By the long-winded post, I can tell you talk too much. That's why the guy didn't call you. Any phone call over 20 seconds is 10 seconds too long.

to Jun10r #1022159

It's her fault you have the attention span of a four year old with attention deficit disorder? Why are you here? Go troll somewhere else, loser.

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