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Monday June 3 I called the local number for terminix as listed on their forms. I needed a Termite letter ASAP for my mortgage loan processor. The phone rang and I got a menu a block long, a recording of all the services Terminix offers delivered by very cheerful voices and a message that everyone was busy. Hold, hold, hold.

Call back, call back, call back. Work my way each time thru the same dragged out menu and listen to the now seemingly never ending list of wonderful things that Terminix was going to do for me.

Finally a response. It was not the local office at all but their central telephone facility somewhere. I made my request. No problem they would pass it on to the "local office" and they would be in touch.

June 6. Now it's Three days later and after numerous phone calls due to the lack of response from "The Local Office"June 6, I am beginning to understand the process. There is no such thing as a local person answering the phone. Terminix won't tell you that. They tell you everyone is busy or the manager is out of the office but they, the central office will handle everything. It has now been three full days of calling, and calling, and calling and getting the run around. I, the customer, am obviously, in their opinion, a dim wit. I am to believe that in the 21st century an office manager can not handle the communications to that office and does not even know that her phone is ringing. Call forward? A secretary? A company provided cell phone to take the calls?

Why does Terminix business plan appear to promote blatant lies to the customer? Why did they not tell me that all calls are handled in this fashion and it would be several days before they could fill my request?

I finally got a call from a local inspector on Thursday, now four full days and God knows how many phone calls and with each and every one of them, the usual lengthy menu and cheerful list of services that Terminix will provide. It is enough to drive one crazy.

The inspector made the appointment for that very Thursday evening. He would call and confirm as the time approached. I checked with another local exterminating company. They would provide the service of an inspection and a termite letter for $35.00 maybe I miss-understood them.

The Terminix guy was a no show and understandably so because we were having bad rain. However he neglected to call me for a re-schedule. Of course there was no way to contact him, or his boss or anyone at the mysterious LOCAL OFFICE.

I was back on the phone again with the foot long menu and all the wonderful things Terminix was ready to do for me. I got a re-sked, thru the home office of course. The inspector did arrive on Friday evening. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. I thought I had finally, after a full week of getting the run around, was going to get the problem resolved. Since he didn't call in advance, as promised, I did not have the opportunity to ask how much. Terminix charged me $125. Remember the quote of $35 from a competitor? This for twenty minutes work on a house that has been liquid treated, by Terminix and subject to never have termites and on a contract that had just been renewed for a year a few weeks earlier.

At this point it had taken me five working days to get the actual inspection done and I was yet to get the letter. The inspector seemed sympathetic to my problem of needing some expediency due to the urgency of the need. He promised to e-mail the letter to me. I was grateful for his effort to help me resolve the problem. I anticipated the e-mail that night, Well Saturday? Well Sunday? Well Monday?

It is now The end of the day on Tuesday the 11th of June. Add another three or four phone calls thru the menu and the long list of wonderful things Terminix was prepared to do for me and several different operators who assured me, in their best customer care placating tones of voice, that the problem would be taken care of. But oh gosh, they can't seem to get the LOCAL OFFICE to answer the phone either. Imagine that. Not to worry. It will take a half hour or so but the problem with be resolved and I should not hang on. Just hang up and trust them.

It is notable that during the entire process that, at this writing has lasted a full seven working days and a weekend,they were unable, 100% of the time, to contact the mystery manager of the local office in Pooler Georgia while I was on the phone. Each time I was assured by the phone operator that they would personally take care of the problem. After each disconnect things remained the same. Of course with no response, no scheduling and no direct call back number, complaint number or anything on which to hang my hat, it was necessary that I keep calling and keep trying to get a conclusion to this circus of activity. I never talked with the same operator and The message from each operator was different which led me to believe tht none of them had any idea what to do. The "E-mail has been sent, I should have it!" "It is on the record and was being sent." They would "contact THE LOCAL OFFICE and have the e-mail sent.last but not least, I was told they "had the e-mail in front of them and would send it themselves immediately". I am feeling the suction.

It's Tuesday evening six O'clock. I last checked my e-mail about an hour ago. Believe it or not I had a mail from Terminix. I was excited! I opened it. They had the audacity to send me a survey to fill out about my recent contact with Terminix along with a note about how they wanted to provide the best of service etc. etc.

Well tomorrow is another day. I will call the mortgage processor and beg for another day or two for them to hold the interest rate we agreed on until I can get TERMINIX to act like a national American company and not an internet swindler from an unidentified location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Customer Care.

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The branch manager in Allentown PA is a workplace bully. Please investigate branch 2099.

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Illiterate fool. Learn to write.

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Sorry Allentown we up upset your branch manager he has now resorted to calling people illiterate?,Well we know how arrogant these pompous world beaters can be sorry for upsetting you Mr.Branch manager in Allentown,all your employees think you are great keep up the good work,just remember HONOR GOD IN ALL YOU DO! When he is not looking we will make sure we sneak some through,after all we have to catch up to you!

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