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Selling 1 unit in 6-unit condo complex which has annual service by Terminix. Terminix said if a different termite company did the inspection or repairs, they would no longer cover that unit under the HOA contract.

BTW, in spite of their "contract" and annual inspections/maintenance, the previous year extensive termite infestation resulted in all units being tented & exterminated despite BIG yearly fee they charged the HOA. Seller subsequently had carpenter repair the damage & we ordered a termite clearance report for the Buyer for closing. Inspector took 10 minutes to "inspect" all 3 floors of this condo, then reported no active infestation, but mold & damage on the back door (per last year's report), and Terminix's fee to fix it would be $560. (both the door & jamb etc had been replaced 4 months previously).

When confronted with the 10 minute inspection & observations from last year's report (not the current situation), inspector was furious, claimed there was a 5/8" gouge in the doorjamb (probably due to an extra whack by the repairing carpenter), and stated Terminix's minimum repair charge was $560. Ridiculous!

Escrow withheld $1400 from selling proceeds until we could get the proper release from Terminix. That was back in November 2011. Now it is end of Feb 2012!

After months of making repeated phone calls to Terminix requesting re-inspection and final termite clearance release, we have yet to get anybody at Terminix to actually DO anything about this! I guess if we don't pay them $560 extortion money for repair work already done by licensed carpenters, we won't get the piece of paper we need to get our $1400.

I would never use Terminix again for anything. Their customer service is worse than non-existent: they promise to do something, but they don't, and getting the same person twice on the phone is impossible.

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Unit was re-inspected Dec 16,'inspector' gave verbal OK to selling agent (not listing agent nor escrow), but did not follow through on the paperwork, & did not fill out clearance cert until listing agent, buyer's agent & escrow all called them repeatedly, were finally told in MARCH that it was 'being typed' & faxed that day. Well, after multiple more phone calls, complaints to regional mgr & home ofc, finally got the release 4 months after it was requested, 3 months after the supposed re-inspection, and 3 days after they promised to fax it.

How long should it take to fill in a 1-page form?

Terminix is incompetent in every way. The worst of the worst.

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