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I joined with Terminix when I bought my house. Had them come out and spray.

They treated the outside and inside, and within a few weeks I was still seeing spiders and ants. So called them to come back out and informed them that the spiders was getting into my grandkids play room and my room onto my bed and bitting me. I was having a brown recluse spider problem bad. I had *** marks on me and showed the gentleman when he came out.

So they treated it again. And still the same thing. So called them again and they sent someone out again. This went on for 2 months going on 3 months, so each time they told me there would be no charge, even spoke with supervisors and they had to set up dates and times, so then one day I received a email to set up a free termite inspection and that someone needed to be home and I said Ok, set up a time and date, and didnt see no one show up that day, so left the next day and when i came home.

I noticed drill marks all along the side of my house where my cement and brick meet. I was shocked and mad.. This was new cement poured just a couple months earlier , they came and didnt inspect and decided to take it upon them selves to drill around my house and on my back patio and then place splats of ready mix cement over the drill marks , and left one drill mark uncovered. Little to say i was mad as ***..

How could you come to someones home and do that without written permission or explain to the homeowner what is going on. I called and they said they would send someone out to look at it. But in the mean time someone was suppose to come today and spray again free cause of the spiders and ants. So while the gentleman was here I asked him about it.

I said is this normal when they do a inspection , he said No that is treatment and you have to sign for that. I was shocked. So I had a lady call me today about my bill said i owe them for a treatment spray. I said no it was free, cause i still have the same problem from the first time you all came out here, 3 months ago..

and was told it would be free. Then I said what about my drill marks, she said Oh Im calling about that too..

said some one would be calling me about that, havent heard a thing. About ready to file a complaint and claim with them.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I hate customers like you that call for a free service every time you see one spider. Try vacuuming.

to Oo Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States #709542

OO you dont know what your talking about.. I have paid for a service, that sucked.

When spiders come pass the line of spray and treatment and dont die, and effect the health and well being of my grandbabies then yes I will call for them to come back out. Seeing I paid for something that aint working. People like you , I just shake my head at.. Hate is a big word..

World has enough of that in it already.

Seeing the company came out and seen the problem and are handling it.. Makes you look like a ASSS!!!!

to Anonymous #710162

Oklahoma-These guys could care less about you your daughter your house Terminix beats these guys into the ground and do not pay them for extra services have the time they are following up on somebody's else's service he got paid to do and was scheduled somewhere else when you needed reservoir,Terminix will not pay these technicians for retreats just services that are do these service people put in a lot of free hours with no overtime e :) ither Terminix has it all figured out so they think these service people hate Terminix but stay till they find something better lots of turnover there.I got out while I could don't have to screw people anymore and I sleep good !!!

to Anonymous #772092

Makes who look like an ***? Spiders don't clean themselves or eat bait(which is how most pesticides work) ...

look it up. The best way to get rid of spiders is to reduce the number of other bugs(that they eat), change lighting and seal gaps around the outside of the house. Oh! You're other option is to spray each spider directly - have fun with that.

All pest companies will sell spider jobs, but won't educate the customer. It's all about money! I think I'm going to start my own blog telling people how to deal with bug issues themselves.

Pest control companies are too expensive and ineffective. I should know - was in the buisness for 8 years.

to buglady #1022187

Spiders DO clean themselves. I've heard that same non-sense from numerous Terminix employees....and you guys fancy yourselves some kind of experts.

You can find videos online of spiders grooming. They do this every single time they eat, or get dirty otherwise. Their primary sensory system in tiny hair-like setae which detect vibrations.

Without a clean body these would not function properly.

You need to stop repeating folklore you learned from your peers, or some incompotent Aspire instructor. Terminix is a joke and so are you.

to Oo #752414

two thumbs up!

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