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DOUBLE HATED IT Terrible! This is so ridiculous!

My mother and Step-father have bought a house in Ludlow Ky (sale final, finally last month). In order to close on the house they had to have a recent termite inspection. We called Terminix and they promptly did the inspection, concluding that we needed treatment at $800 - check up front. We were then advised by the previous owner that the house had already passed inspection and decided to have a second inspection preformed, to which there was no evidence at all that we needed treatment, not even trace evidence -- the house passed inspection.

My mother then called Terminix, canceled the treatment and requested her check be sent back. Here we are a month later! They cashed the check and have said 4 different times that they have mailed a reimbursement to her. Each time a different excuse as to why she has not received it.

They are giving her a daily run around! Terminix--WHAT PEST!!!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Curious as to if you received your refund? Worked at Terminix for years and unfortunately seen a lot of unethical inspections with so called (Old damage) Termite awareness that just appear out of the blue Planted be careful who you let do these inspection best not to get someone who has a quota to meet everyday that's where the problem plays in with Terminix GOOD LUCK

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