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I work for Terminix and I'm quitting this month. I can assure you that you don't want to use this company. We use the cheapest chemicals on the market. The company won't allow the techs to use the chemicals other companies use cause of the cost. We're making the money to afford the chemicals but the company is greedy. It's the whole company doing this. I work in Melbourne Florida and the ants are out of control here. We cannot get the product to do the job right due to the company cutting corners.

The company gives weekly meetings on sales and not service. The service doesn't matter to them, it's all about new customers. If you're an established customer and have an appointment with us, we are told to skip your appointment and go to the new customers to get them in the door.

The company also takes money out of the technicians checks when people cancel. Even if the tech only made 30 bucks off the account, the company will take hundreds from the tech. And it can be a cancel due to the customer dying or moving. The new CEO made the whole company pull the water coolers and coffee machines cause he's "not paying for us to drink water." Also gave us all a pay cut and took away tenure pay.

The scheduling system is completely outdated and the first thing this guy changed was the pay plan. We also can't take lunch breaks anymore cause they overload us with work and threaten us if we don't do it within the unreasonable time constraints.

Do yourself a favor and cancel terminix! They have been ripping you off by using the cheapest chemicals on the market!!! Take your service ticket to another company and ask them to compare their chemicals to Terminix's. I guarantee you that they will laugh at what chemical Terminix is using. You pay 100.00 dollars a quarter and we give you 20 cents in chemical. That is 100% truth!!

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