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We signed up for the protection plan with Terminix because we knew we had carpenter ants. The guy came out and said we had carpenter ants and powder post beetles (When he showed me what they were he pointed out were sow bugs (roly polys) . The second guy said nope those are sow bugs, but you do have powder post beetles as well. The powder post beetles live in the wood and then lay eggs and go somewhere to die. The wood that has the holes needs to be burnt outdoors in order to kill the bugs. They can live 15 years in the same places, so you won't usually see them. They are the size of a pen tip. Terminix can put something on the boards already infested, but it costs $300, and the wood would already be damaged by the bugs.

The first guy said someone needed to come out within a week and that they would call. They never called. Almost 2 weeks later, I call to make an appointment. I call the morning of the appointment to confirm and they say there never was an appointment and reschedule for later that day. I call after the appointment time frame because no one showed up and they say sorry they forgot to tell the technician. I make a 3rd appointment only to have them show up a day early while we are gone. He left a card, so I called him and let him know I made the appointment the next day. The next day (today) he does come.

According to the second guy, the spray and also drilling holes in the walls to put dust poison are covered in our protection, but tenting the house is not and would cost around $3,000. I called the 800 number and the verified that this is the truth. (Supposedly) The first guy and the second guy the first time I asked him said spraying, dusting and tenting were ALL covered.

We need to get a crawl space door that he told me how we can make or we can use a piece of ply wood and something to keep it down like bricks, stones, etc. The places where the birds pushed the screen needs to be covered with 1/8 inch hardware cloth and stapled in place. (They aren't going to do it) We also need a vapor barrier and insulation under the house.

I'm am annoyed with Terminix since the first guy said Terminix does more than they actually do. The first guy said he'd put the screening up for the birds. Second guy said to call in 2 weeks if we are still seeing ants. The second guy gave me a slip with what he did and it has a charge for $275.99. We are paying monthly and there's not supposed to be any extra, so I called the 800 number and supposedly we are not being charged extra, but why does it say we are?

Monetary Loss: $675.

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Kyle, our problem was not that we expected them to fix everything for free. Our problem was that they PROMISED to fix things, had us sign a contract and then told us no that they were not going to do what they said they would.

We bought their whole protection plan, not just for ants. They also failed to call me back when I wanted them to come out. We paid for a service that if we want them to come out, them come out. This was supposed to be in addition to the quarterly visits.

One month before our service was going to expire (1 year contract) they called saying our termite inspection was scheduled for a couple days later. Only one termite inspection per year is covered by the contract.

If they had come out a month early that would have automatically started our contract for an additional year. Tacoma Terminix is not ethical.

:( I am not afraid to put my name to this comment....the Terminix commercial currently running is gross and unnecessary. I TURN THE CHANNEL EVERYTIME IT COMES ON....I CANNOT EAT SINCE THIS COMMERCIAL HAS STARTED RUNNING BECAUSE IF ANYTHING LOOKS LIKE OR SOUNDS LIKE THAT $##@#$$ COMMERCIAL I LOSE MY APPETITE. I am seriously thinking of contacting an attorney about suing over that nasty *** commercial....

Terminix does a great job for me. I noticed that they have an A+ rating with the better business bureau.

I'm sure they have good employees and bad employees like any other company but as a customer you need to have reasonable expectations. If you hire them to kill ants, don't expect them to fix every other problem you have for free.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #414363

Adam is exactly right! As a former Terminix manager I can testify that they are a bloated corporation that does not care about customer or employee retention.

They even factor into their annual buget a certain amount of customer cancels that they know they will get. Their attitude is "Oh well, we will just sell new customers to replace the cancelled ones." The salesman will tell every lie posssible just to get you to sign up.

And then the Techs are undertrained and overworked to the point that customers get very poor service. The turnover rate of both Terminix employees & customers are both very high.


I'm part of a family owned pest control company in the Mojave Desert. We have different pest problems than you guys, but in the end it's about the same amount of work. Stick with a mom and pop company, one with no more than 3 employees. We actually care for our customers, because we get paid by them directly. We will go out of our way to help them with any issue, and we're negotiable.

If a regular customer has a problem with pigeons for instance, I'll give them a choice. They can either A: pay me a little money to put up 1/4" hardware cloth and get rid of them, or B: take some of the 1/4" hardware cloth I have sitting in the back of my truck and I'll spend 10 minutes telling them how to do it themselves.

Terminix (and Orkin or any other big company) gets paid through Terminix, not you, so losing a customer isn't going to hit them hard. You're just another customer for them, and unless you get REALLY lucky and get a technician who actually cares, you're not going to get a good service. Plus they will usually work for 5 years at the most, then move on or get fired. We will typically have over 15 years of experience under our belts.


Sounds like Terminix is still up to their old tricks just like they did 20 years ago! No wonder they cant hold on to their employees!

Wyandanch, New York, United States #300086

I Don't get. So your pest control ompany is suposed to do free repairs to your house? Mine Doesn't.


We can't just stop paying because they are automatically charging our credit card.

I called Friday to schedule for them to come out again and they said their computers were down and they would call me back. They never called back, so Monday I called the tech directly. He said he would come out next Tuesday but didn't give me any kind of time frame.

They are killing some of the ants, but I am NOT impressed with Terminix at all. I don't know if it's just the Lakewood, WA location, but the techs are not trained and the office people are so incompetent.

stop paying them and file a complaint with the better business bureau and let them handle it. tell terminix that your lawyer will be contacting them and not to call you. :roll

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