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When I originally signed up for Terminex I paid for the regular pest control and the Termite Inspect & Protect Plan. I've been paying the same fee all along, since 2013, and once a year someone comes and does a termite inspection. Well, this year I called and asked for the inspection because I literally watched a board on my porch be reduced to nothing in two weeks time. The inspector came out. He wasn't here long but he told me it wasn't termites, it was just rotted. Umm... Ok. I'm not an ***. Wood doesn't just disappear. But I was kinda wrapped up in other things at the time and I let the guy go and figured I would get someone else out at a later date.

So, a couple months goes by and I had some landscaping done. The landscapers told me that they found termites in my flower bed right up against the house. They said that they removed as much as they could but told me I should call terminex and let them know. So I did and a different inspector came out. He took one look at the area and the damaged wood and knew it was termite damage. He pulled back some rock along the foundation and found some termite mud tunnels. He said it was an active infestation. So he told me he wanted to install bait stations. Then he said he would have his guys dig a trench along the back of the house and spray it... At no cost to me. Then said that we could then have repairs done and in the future if we see termites, they would cover the price of any repairs and any treatments.

This is where the confusion and questionable practices come in. I asked him what my plan I am paying for covers besides a yearly inspection. On his iPad he pulled up my plan and told me that I am only paying for the pest control. Ummm... No. I told him that I am paying for it all. The termite inspections and the termite guarantee are the only reason I went with terminex in the first place!! So he flipped to a section on his iPad in my account labeled 'sales.' This showed the original sales made under my account. It showed the pest control plan and the inspect & protect plan but he still said I had no termite coverage. When I asked him what the inspect & protect was if not for termites, he said its for a yearly inspection where and inspector comes out and inspects and then protects me by telling me I have termites. Lmao. I told him, no, that makes no sense! It was sold to me that I was paying up front and monthly for the peace of mind that should I get termites, they will treat it and cover the damage. Why else would I pay for it?? It makes zero sense!!

So after that he told me he was going to have to call into the office for clarification. He did and then came back and took pics. He said the guy that inspected before was insisting that there were no termites and wanted picture proof. Now I have to wait for them to have some meeting about it tomorrow. I feel like what's going to happen is they are going to meet to discuss how to get out of paying for treating and paying for the damage. I mean it should be pretty straight forward!! And if they don't pay for it then I want all of the money that I have payed for the inspect & protect plan back!

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Termite Pest Control.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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