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Terminix Insurance Fine Print. The insurance issued by Terminix is called "The Termite Inspection and Protection Plan" but we got scammed by the company. Do not think you are getting termite protection with your annual fee.

A year ago, we signed up for the service and had our house inspected with no findings. Terminix's plan includes an annual inspection, which happened yesterday. This time, the inspector found evidence of termite damage in my house. I mentioned that it was fortunate that we had paid ($335) for the insurance. The tech said that the damage was caused by drywood termites which is not covered by their insurance. They then quoted me $3,000 to tent the house. What is the point of having insurance if it doesn't insure against anything! Terminix has no business ethics.

Before we signed up, sales representative stated that this plan covered termites, never discussing that it only covers one type. He said that it would pay for itself since in our area houses needed to be tented every few years (it is my understanding that tenting is for drywood termites, giving credibility to the belief that all termites were covered). Nowhere on the certificate or receipt does it say that drywood termites are excluded, it is only in the very small print - or on their website it is written in gray font on a gray background.

The plan is called "The Termite Inspection and Protection Plan" not "The Subterranean Termite Inspection and Protection Plan." I didn't even know there were multiple types.

If you are even considering this Terminix plan, be very wary. They are trying to defraud you.


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I just got my renewal for the new year.I leave in the southeast where dry wood termite is very common and after the company had to pay in 2015 for my termite damage the year that followed the no dry wood termite is included, SPECIFICALLY added.

. Needless to say I just had the Orkin man today. That company has become a scam.

I agree.What are we paying for?

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It it were me, I'd contact the Attorney General of the state that you live and file a complaint. With the huge amount of complaints nationwide, this may eventually wind up in a class action suit.


I just found out there are 2 types.I would have been so mad if I would have gotten dry wood termite damage!

We have been paying for ten years and had no idea we were not completely covered.I am looking for new pest control now.

San Francisco, California, United States #564570

***, why don't you read before you sign? The least you could do ask questions, and if you didn't then ask for the money back

to Reader Chesapeake, Virginia, United States #604779

I am sure Reader works for termanix, their employees do resort to name calling when asked simple questions about plans.

to Reader #938378

because when you first find out you have them, it's absolutely overwhelming, and only through reviews like this one, do you even get a glimpse of what's missing. how much do YOU know about termites? when faced with a quick emergency, how comprehensively can YOU think?

to Reader #938381

Why would someone in California check to see if a termite contract only covered subterranean termites? Drywood termites are the norm there.

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I don't have time to retype my entire nightmare scam with Terminix here. But you can read my entire Terminix horror story at


Wildwood, Florida, United States #414348

Numerous Class Action Lawsuits have been filed against Terminix and its parent company Service Master. For details see www.syix.com/emu

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