The television commercial currently running for Terminix is appalling, the character in it looks like a rectum with teeth in it. Every time it comes on we change the channel so we don't get nauseated.

I have seen annoying commercials before but this one is not good for the company and is offensive to the viewer. This obviously is not injurious to me but why would anyone want to look at anything so disgusting.

I don't have an email address for the company so I'm hoping this will get passed along to them. Take it off now!

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I think they are great!!! Finally some ads that are really funny...


HAHAH rectum with teeth! Thats some funny stuff!!!

I give you an A++ for fumnny! Hope u don't mind- but I just found a new name for the mother-in-law lol



You are a ***!!!!! If you are not bothered by it you should not be concerned.

Get a life loser! YES I'M TALKING TO YOU!


I agree!!!! I have been trying to find a way to complain.

It scares my daughter and myself.

Now I can't keep HGTV on in my home with out the fear of scaring my 18 month old. This is really getting out of control.

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