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Terminix had this Technician called "SUPERTECH". This was the most outstanding and well prepared Technician that I have ever encountered while using Terminix Pest Control.

The location that this Technician worked out of was Ellenwood, Georgia. Out of having so many bad complaints toward other technicians sent to my home, this one Technician came to my home, and rid my entire house of the insect problem I was having in one regular service call visit! If I needed any follow-ups, I would ask for "SUPERTECH"! I was more than happy with my service with Terminix after meeting "SUPERTECH".

I remember this technician best because they had a Utility belt on. with all of the bells and whistles of Pest Control products to handle anything in my home to rid it of insects, and used those tools so professionally that I think insects were literally afraid to hang around.

I dont think that this Technician is with Terminix any longer as I have asked for them several times. I have since cancelled my service because that was "one ***-of-a-technician!!" My props to TERMINIX for hiring "SUPERTECH." Maybe with all these complaints you should find them for sure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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