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We just recently bought a home that had been under a termite contract for 12 years with terminix. We kept the contract because it had been explained to us that there was no active termites at this time but years ago they had a termite problem that was taken care of.

The old homeowner was using terminix as a preventative measure and additional damage warranty for any new damage. The day after we closed on our house we began to remodel and uncovered a huge amount of damage with active termites in one area. I called Terminix in right away! The inspector showed us the termites and scheduled a treatment for the next day form 9-11.

Needless to say the specialist was over an hour late with no phone call and refused to do any treatment because he did not see active termites and he was not feeling well. I immediately called the office to complain and was directed to a manager. As I was speaking to the manager I just so happened to mention the fact that the previous owner had a damage warranty. As soon as I mentioned that the entire tone of the conversation changed and she became nasty!

They refused to take responsibility for the new damage because they are claiming a break in contract from the old owner and us. We are fighing it and I will get money from them lol



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I agree 100%, this is not the Terminix it was 5 years ago, poor management and underpaid morons in their call centers, just try to to get a local manager or even your serviceman,not gonna HAPPEN!! This is the worst company you will ever deal with,overpriced and no SERVICE!!! Don't waste your time,, Texas hates Terminix!!!


Stop your whining, Should have paid you bill maybe?

to IHateWhiners #847549

Bill was paid D-bag!


Terminix is the worst. I paid up front for the year for pest and mosquito service.

Ants are still all over the front and back porch and we are eaten alive by mosquitos five minutes going outside. There website says they will come out again free if the issue isn't corrected. I called to complain about the mosquitos and was told the mosquito service doesn't include return visits/treatments for free. I waited thru another treatment and after that still didn't work I sent an email saying the service isn't working for us and want to make sure I get auto enrolled into either service the following year.

I received an email that said they would send someone out to take a look. Low and behold I get a charge for $62.84 for the follow up visit. I called to complain and said I want the charge removed and to cancel immediately and would like a refund on the unused service that I already paid for.

I was told they would need for the local branch to contact me to do this.

Terminix has not done anything correct from showing up on the wrong date, having our incorrect contact information noted on their end, product that doesn't work, and charging for services that shouldn't be.

Words cannot describe how much I loathe this company. Stay far away from this company!

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #829845

Guaranteed solutions within 24 hours? I can't even get them to call me back with an appointment in that time frame.

I called on Monday, was told somebody would call me within 48 (not 24) hours to set up an appointment. Today is Friday and I still do not have an appointment, even though I must have called FIVE times.

This is false advertising. In the meanwhile I have active swarms in EVERY room in my house.

to P***beS Farmersville, Texas, United States #846054

My dad and I hired Terminex to kill bedbugs.. 1400 dollars later.

the bedbugs come back about 3 months later. They said it could happen. So they said they would get with us.. After getting my dad to give them ANOTHER 700 dollars.

We get a bill in the mail from a finance company. They said we need to pay them the 700 dollars.. So I called them up they told me that our account had been closed out.. I told them we paid the full amount up front so why the *** would I pay someone else interest to give us the money..

They were like we don't know. we will get to the bottom of it....Yea we still have bedbugs.

and no account with them. so I don't know WTF

to Anthony Key Largo, Florida, United States #1205828

We payed $1400 and never got rid of them... I've called 10+ times and was told that the manager will call me back..

Haha yha no calls yet.i was told 3/4 times i hade an apt but no one showed. and I pulled 5 bedbugs off my couch put them in a jar 3 weeks ago (after 8 treatments) and awww look they are starting a family in the jar with 10+ eggs..WAST OF MY MONEY

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