Alright fellow service techs we know you all have had enough, from overtime issues,changing pay plans,changing benefits,losing stock options,being abused by mgmt,cancels,allowances,pressure to sell or else sound familar?forcing employees to work weekends,mgmt getting are the perks,micro mananged daily,no support,no chemical,bad sales affecting your commission,lying,cheating,etc,,, HAVE I FORGOT ANYTHING ? LETS POST DAILY AND LET OUR WONDERFUL EMPLOYER KNOW HOW GRATEFUL WE ARE FOR THE OPPURTUNITY TO WORK FOR SUCH A GREAT CO.



Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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The class action lawsuit was filed in December 2017!!Here is the email for anyone who was paid unfaiy.info@kehoelawfirm.com

Fontana, California, United States #1284413

Because of this being sensitive topic, I shall remained nameless, but here is what I do know someone out of our branch here in San Bernardino, ca. Is trying to Organize techs, salesmen, and repair crews into joining the teamsters.

So far I have seen management pull out all the stops. Even after an email was sent out to all the techs including myself, it brought quick change. So much so that even Angie Harbin the community relations director for service master flew out to talk to us and calm us down, that service master cares and is doing everything to help us. Well a week later management had another meeting and they announced they are going to be giving us back some of our money from cancels they penalized us from months before.

So a few of us here at the branch reached out to the tech, that's trying to organize to let him know were interested.

Because if management is willing to give us back money over just hearing about a union, how much power would we have if could Join a Union. So my fellow techs now is the time to rise up, reach out to your local Teamster or unions, we have nothing to lose at this point.

to Union #1326531

Am a current technology looking for union info please help I've heard that California is union for terminix techs.

to Anonymous #1361156

there is no union

to Union #1361159

heard thru grapevine that chatsworth doing same thing any ideas?

to nameless #1376378

To nameless, from what I know the union fight in san Bernardino is over, apparently the terminix management and corp, found a bs reason to fire the tech who was leading the charge for a union with the teamsters. From what I heard they fired him over refusing to use granules on a house that didn't need it and a safety cone.

I heard he is fighting his firing with the help of the national labor board, but not sure what's happening with that. It sucks for that guy cause there was a few of use that were on board and hoping to change how terminix was treating us. Even they changed the new pay plan it still sucks, and makes it even harder for us to make a decent wage.

I say if you guys are going to attempt it meet in secret with the few people you do trust and contact the local teamster in your area for support and ideas on how to organize. I still believe a union for us is the best solution to making a living wage with this company.

to Fighting for a union #1377498

To all techs, a group of men and women out of the terminix branch in Mokena, IL. Were able to organize and pull off a union win.

And our now part of Teamsters Local 710. They did something many have tried, they worked together and are now able to sit down and come up with a fair pay plan among other things. If you are at a branch and everyone there feels like it can't happen, well it did.

I would say reach out to the teamsters at Local 710 on how to organize and get a union at your branch. It's time terminix realizes they need there employees, and all we want is fair and living wages to take care of our families.


As a tech with 20+ years experience, I have always been proud to work for Terminix. I used to brag about how fair they were and how they watched out for their employees.

I can't say that anymore! In the last 18 months. We are expected to work 6 days a week and basically have no life. There are new petty rules coming down each day that make it increasingly difficult to perform the job as it should be done AND we get to deal with all of that and have to endure a pay cut as well!

They tell us to give the customer what they want, but they want to dictate the customers scheduled service time whether it is convenient for the customer or not! As far as the new pay scale, they tell us we will not lose money, we will make more because overnight we have now become salespeople as well, without having been hired as a salesperson and receiving no training! The only thing that this company has accomplished is to add work to us. In the past, the techs that could sell could actually could go home and say "I made extra money today!" but now they have to sell to try to come close to what they should be getting paid to begin with!

How does that motivate employees!?! It is pretty sad when the customers are saying that the only reason they stay with Terminix is because of their tech, but they add that they will be willing to move to another company if their tech moves. Wake up Terminix!!!

It is good that we have legal counsel included in our benefits, we may have to file bankruptcy! Good luck guys!!!

to ***ed Off Tech Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, United States #1270727

*** terminix they Don't care about their employees just want to work you to death trash *** company


Another pay cut for residential techs. They're taking 1.5% of your production right off the tenure.

That means for doing $24,000 of work in a month, you'll lose at least $360/month. That's before they take more money out for impossible retention goals.

Every month, our branch reports less revenue but higher profit. All that extra profit is coming from our paychecks,

Missouri, United States #928531

Here you go ! The temperature for the last week low teens to below zero.

Manger tells me I cant wear a cathartt jacket only the thin jacket they provide.

Branch manager says same. So either wear thin jacket or get written up!

to Anonymous Nottingham, Maryland, United States #964922

Us too, if they see us in anything else, even with their jacket over it, it's a write up. Everything is a write up these days.

Many customer's have already heeded the battle cry and fled from 85 years of experience, the jackets make all the difference.

The last year has been a landslide.


Why is someone with 20 yrs experience hired in at the same amount of pay as someone with no experience.

to DD #872837

Because terminix views their workers as livestock. Use em up and replace them when worn.

That's why technicians' pay scale maxes out at 3 years.

No more raises after that. The funny thing is that they do annual reviews but what's the point if you can't get raises?

to Junior #883665

Come on guys you know it is all about demographics? If you work the low end of town you get the low end pay!Do more side jobs to make up the difference your manager gets his bonus off your backbone take yours!

They could care less about you your family or your pay!Every 3yrs they change your pay scale or split your route to keep you from getting close to there undeserved salaries,Terminix is a great place to start in this business it will enlighten you on what not to do!

In a nut shell this place is a joke from the top down! IT is all about the almighty dollar there that is!Get out before it is to late 100"s have and have never looked back.

to Junior #921736

Yea I was told there are no raises

to DD #936686

If you haven"t figured it out yet it not what you know it's how many Pig leads you created this week !You are a number and just a man with a can ! They tell you you are great,you are important,you matter,But the truth is you have no life,are not appreciated,mentally abused by overpaid managers who think a title gives them abusive powers,great starting point in your early career but no good ending here unless you are one of the overpaid slugs...Get out when you can


It's the only company that thinks it's ok to change (reduce) their technicians' pay for the purpose of increasing profits by cutting payroll. I'd rather the entire company go out of business before I keep paying the stockholders out of my pocket.


Not only do the techs get ****over so do the ladies in the office. We are screamed at cussed and belittled because we can not fit a customer in when they have been promises a schedule by some da that has no idea of what is in a techs schedule or what city they happen do be in.

Yes I'm talking about Terminix new planning system it sucks why the *** do you have people in Texas scheduling for people in California or Az it's not far to the customers or the techs put everything back like it was their own branches scheduling for their techs and payments being posted in the respected office. It's bs that a customer can not come in and give payment and the acct credited right them why make a customer wait 30 days to get credit and if the so called admin center does not post payment and they loose it which happens all too often the tech gets hit for a cancelled acct to bad debt or gets his butt ringed for too many ssp accts when they have done their job and collected. Come on Terminix stop buying other company's until you can get the current one cleaned up running like it should be then preach your company motto. So yes you could say Terminix is not a good company people are there not because they want to but because it is a job.

I know 95% of the ones in the local branch are single parents and at this time are her to just be able to put a roof over their heads . Teiniz come on and become the company you once were customer and employee friendly stop the numbers game and you will see the moral in your employees come up and your customer cancellation percentage will drop.

And stop penalizing the techs for your osp's *** sales if a job cancels in the 1st 90 days hit the sales rep because a bad sale is a bad sale no way around it we can not eliminate bugs we can only control. The world will always have bugs so stop lying to the customer and admit the truth.

Plano, Texas, United States #736554

I think it is wrong when a customer goes out of business, moves, of has to cancel because he is not doing well financially, that we take a 1% deduction in pay for the entire months production. I is out of our control. How about when a national account cancels, every tech who has one of those customers gets hit with the 1%.

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