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This is by far the WORST company that I have ever been unfortunate enough to come across. I paid well over $2000 to have them fix a simple termite problem, and they not only didn't do so, but destroyed my house in the process.

The termites are still there, eating holes in the ceiling, but now I have scuff marks from their equipment and dozens of holes on the floor as where they injected gallons of poison. I'm worried about my family's health, especially my son, who sleeps in that room.

When I told them that the termites were back, they basically said go screw yourself. When they finally did come, they stood me up twice and the guy was rude and didn't seem to know what he was doing.

Stay far away from this company. They just want your money!

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Toms River, New Jersey, United States #571190

Do not get Terminix, they never got rid of my bug problem in Chesapeake, VA since I called several times to spray. Then for some reason they renewed my contract with out notifying me and with out my permission. They scam people do not get them.

I agree. They even billed me for visits they did not make, and when I confronted their office, they only offered to reduce the bill.

Not until I asked to cancel, they took it off. I caught the guy one day coming from work just siting in his truck in front of my house. when he saw me coming he opened his truck gate and pretended to be mixing his chems. He went around my house in less than 2 minutes, dropped off a bill at my front door and left.

Obliviously, I don't have them any more! :(
Wildwood, Florida, United States #422052

You are right. Terminix's promises are as hollow are your termite riddled walls.

There is a lot of employee turnover with that company, as eveyone hates working for Terminix. Their pest Techs just zip through you house as quick as they can. Just squirting the baseboads with a han-can and calling it good.

Their salesmen follow-up, and say "buy more, BUY MORE". They also own Trugreen Lawncare, so stay away from them too!

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