Caution! Terminix sales reps are more concerned about closing deals then actually caring if someone truly needs their services. My sisters husband was out of town and Terminix wants to give their \'free\' inspection. She is 20 yrs old, owning her first house and the inspector runs his numbers and facts on her and has her scared her house is going to fall down on top of her if she doesn\'t get treatd and under a home repair guarantee. The contract says you have 3 days to cancel but when I talked to them on the 3rd day they were hiding behind the contract saying she signed it and it\'s a done deal. I thought I read on the Terminix brochure 100% satisfaction or your money back. My family is not satisfied with how my sister was charged $1600 she does not have for a chemical treatment. Please be careful letting sales reps into your home or any business bringing \'free inspections\'. They are trained professionals and there to get you under contract no matter the circumstance. Termites can easily be avoided by making sure your house is built with treated lumber, removing old stumps and any non treated old wood from your yard, and making sure any and all water leaks in your home are quickly repaired. Termite colonies will not survive if they do not have food sources to flourish on.

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There are disreputable doctors, lawyers and dentists too, so what? Most Terminix employees are professional and *** good at what they do. There are MILLIONS of complaints concerning ANY public company.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #414203

I was a Tech. for Terminix for about 1 year.

The Managers at my Branch would always say that "we're a marketing company". This was quite obvious. A lot of the salesmen would lie just to get the sale to hit their quota and keep their jobs. Techs were always being run ragged, forced to do half-assed work in order to hit their production numbers.

If customer cancels were high, then they would just ramp-up their sales campaigns. Quality customer service was not a high priority with this company!

to I. Quit! #896996

Yep, I don't call a three minute yes, that is right, three minute walk through on a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with enclosed double garage a very good yearly inspection. Asked him a question and he blew me off.


terminix rocks i love working there. we make a lot of money off dumb *** like you all on here


Review #: 198887

Posted by: Anonymous

"Termites can easily be avoided by making sure your house is built with treated lumber" This is a completely false statement. Please don't make statements like this and give others a false sense of security.

Set up a temporary e-mail and I will send you pictures of "treated lumber" eaten from the inside out by termites. The same belief cost my last customer $2000 before she pays to have the floor joists repaired.


I was "let go" from Terminix a few months ago simply because I didn't sell enough. My customers loved me, never rec'd any complaints, always completed my route 95% or greater, and collected well each month. But because I didn't sell 2-3000$ worth of overpriced and oftentimes totally unnecessary products and/or services every month they had to let me go. While I did in fact sell (usually at least 500 -1000$/month but sometimes well over the 2000$/month "goal"), my numbers apparently weren't good enough. Trust me, you are far better off with a locally owned pest company that doesn't offer all the other products/services and force their service techs to sell. Or better yet, go to doityourselfpestcontrol.com and you can get the exact same products that I used as a tech.

Do the math: On average, the yearly cost for pest control with Terminix is $300.00 (75$ every 3 months). Go to doit yourselfpestcontrol.com and spend 50-100$ and you will have enough product to last you 2 - 3 years.

terminix pest control for 3 years =$900.00

doityourselfpestcontrol.com for 3 years = $50-100.00

And if you do go with Terminix, pray that your service tech (pmp) actually gives enough of a rat's *** to provide a good service, because believe me, plenty of them do not. Just a little information and common sense is all anyone needs to take care of their pest problem. There are plenty of avenues one can use to gain necessary info to treat their home correctly, without having to pay dearly.

Obviously I'm not happy with the way I was let go, but the above points reflect the way I've felt for quite some time. I was with the company over two years, and I developed a lot of good relationships with many of my customers. I can honestly say that I treated my customers the way I would expect to be treated, and tried to treat their homes like each was my own. In the two + years I was there, I did see a lot of questionable ethics. And nearly all of these situations revolved around money. Sell, Sell, Sell!! was the mantra.

Do yourself a favor, think twice about dealing with the big companies. Like every other large corporation, it's all about the almighty dollar.


You all know in every line of work there selfish people looking to get ahead at your expense. This can be avoided by doing research before rather than after a buisness transaction. I am a Terminix Salesman and take pride in being honest with every person nice enough to consider me for their Termite and Pest Control needs.


Being an extremely dissatisfied FORMER customer of TERMINIX, I expressed my numerous concerns and dissatisfaction on multiple occasions. Finally, an agreement was reached with the local office of TERMINIX according to which all my contracts with the company WERE CANCELED. This agreement was confirmed IN WRITING, in a letter received from the local office of TERMINIX, indicating that the company CANCELED ALL MY ACCOUNTS AND REQUIRES NO FUTURE PAYMENTS.

Regardless of what I mentioned above, I continue receiving letters and phone calls from the payment processing department asking me to pay and to contact TERMINIX.


The Terminix's representative gave me a quote for TAP insulation and installation of automatic vents. Verbally, I was given a price of $150 per vent, and with two minuscule-size attic spaces the price rocketed to $1,900 + taxes. The whole job took 3 hours of low-speed activities by two gentlemen, during which time 5 vents were installed and (according to the application record) 4 bails of T.A.P. insulation were applied to two tiny attic spaces. Later, I did some on-line research and found that the automatic vents are ranging in price from $19-70 but there was not a single one priced at $150. The exactly same vents with life-time warranty from another supplier were priced at $40 (Terminix claims high price resulted from their life-time warranty added to the manufacturer’s one year – regardless of the customer’s will to pay for it!). When I called the Terminix contractor mentioning this matter and the fact that the contract was not itemized, he suggested to drop the price by $200 without itemization, which still left me suspicious. In addition, the above mentioned two gentlemen expressed their surprise by how little of the TAP insulation they have had to use - although they were told to bring much more. I do know that I was ripped off by Terminix. Not to mention the non-itemized contract which I believe not very legal/professionally correct. To conclude, Terminix over-charged at least $400 only on the vents - not to mention other related items. This outrageous behavior must be stopped.

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