They make you sign a one-year agreement for a short-term problem. Then they come to your house for servicing without an appointment and when you are not home and claim they are treating your house.

They supposedly treated my house-- there was 2-3 feet of snow all around. What could they be treating with snow covering my house? And I wasn't home to see what they had done. I had repeatedly requested for them to make an appt with me and not just show up, but they never honored my requests.

Never use this service. It is a huge rip-off.

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I had the exclusion service done in August of 2014. Here we are in October and I can still hear something in my ceiling...

a complete waste of money.

I was guaranteed that there would be no mice in my home. Teminix is over rated, very sorry I ever signed up with them.

Holland, Ohio, United States #798831

Spring prep. Don't sign an agreement you can't hold up to.

to Hah #799391
You can cancel any Terminix contract with a (30) day written notice it happens every day! Do not believe there scare tactics they never uphold the 3 day cancellation notice because they start new customers before the 3 day right to cancel?So they will not call for another estimate,consumer beware lots of complaints about there contract practices.. :(
to Attorney #802678

Nobody forced this customer to call terminix. She knew the terms of the contract before she got any work done. Sounds like buyers' remorse.

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