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The Terminix's representative gave me a quote for TAP insulation and installation of automatic vents. Verbally, I was given a price of $150 per vent, and with two miniscule-size attic spaces the price rocketed to $1,900 + taxes.

The whole job took 3 hours of low-speed activities by two gentlemen, during which time 5 vents were installed and (according to the application record) 4 bails of T.A.P. insulation were applied to two tiny attic spaces. Later, I did some on-line research and found that the automatic vents are ranging in price from $19-70 but there was not a single one priced at $150. The exactly same vents with life-time warranty from another supplier were priced at $40 (Terminix claims high price resulted from their life-time warranty added to the manufacturer's one year – regardless of the customer's will to pay for it!).

When I called the Terminix contractor mentioning this matter and the fact that the contract was not itemized, he suggested to drop the price by $200 without itemization, which still left me suspicious. In addition, the above mentioned two gentlemen expressed their surprise by how little of the TAP insulation they have had to use - although they were told to bring much more. I do know that I was ripped off by Terminix. Not to mention the non-itemized contract which I believe not very legal/professionally correct.

To conclude, Terminix over-charged at least $400 only on the vents - not to mention other related items. This outrageous behavior must be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Installation.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #971873

Terminix ripped off my mother by refusing to treat obvious termite infestation (even after their technician - following a visit to her house - agreed there was a problem). They refused to reply to phone calls and refused to refund money already paid.

Because of her health, we advised her to forget about the lost $$$ and hired a local pest control company.

She is now happy that she fired Terminix and is happy to tell anyone who asks why they should avoid Terminix. As a leader in her community, we believe that she has had a small effect because at least 5 houses in the community have changed their pest control service provider from Terminix to anyone else.


You should read contract

Wildwood, Florida, United States #413757
:eek :( :upset :( :sigh :x :cry :(

I was a victim of Terminix high-pressure sales tactics, and sub-par service!!!

Read my Terminix horror story at

:x :sigh :( :upset :eek :cry :( :eek

It amazes me that people continue to use Terminix.


You were ripped off. You couldn't fit all the insulation they put on the proposal in most attics.

Did the inspector go up and take measurements or just stick his head up into the scuttle and say how many bales of TAP you would need.

To get them back, wait until the middle of July and ask them to check the insulation, that you think there might be a problem.


Whew! No way Terminix wants this kind of vitriol floating around; and this being the case, I lean toward believing that an errant employee has figured a way to steal.

I was quoted $55 dollars per vent by a Terminix rep, and the warranty was included.

The TAP insulation figured at about a dollar a square foot which is industry competetive. The guys they sent out did a good job and cleaned up after themselves. Here, too, the entire project took about a half a day for two guys.

Having been a remodeling contractor for 30 years, one of my great fears has been a sub-contractor lying or cheating one of my customers. Nothing will kill your reputation quicker.

Did you contact the center manager for resolution?? I can't imagine them allowing you to be cheated in their name!


totally messed up i heard of two guys who are in with a worker for terminix who tend to over price. what a shame

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