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Termite treatment 4 years ago. No problem, about $1400.00, a little pricey maybe, but, they drill into your concrete stoops, porches etc, where other cheaper companies, $400-$600, do not.

The problem arises with the extended warranty, which we have paid from day one. Every year they send this Gomer Pyle type person to inspect well this year, 3-13-12, I just happened to be home. He sat in the truck, in the driveway, never got out! Stayed for about 25 minutes.

Low and behold, we got the renewal charge notice in the mail the very next week. I did my own inspection we have termites!, again! All I'm saying is good luck collecting on this extended warranty. "We won't pay for that, it's old damage" those aren't termites " and your looking at this *** thinking "really"?

There went 4 years of $250. When you read the contract, the average lay person would have no idea what they are talking about the language is ambiguous and redundant, in reality, they are not responsible for anything.

Their "out" clause covers that.


Jeffersonville, Indiana

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1298206

Call their executive services department. Do not settle to talk to anyone but that department. When they get involved, red flags go up throughout the organization.

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we bought our house 11 months ago and had a termite inspection done and they found no signs of termites or termite damage. this week we had terminix come and spray and fell for the whole "we do termite protection too" and they said they found heavy termite activity but never showed us a single termite and tried to sell us a $4,000 treatment.

then they changed my package without telling me. im telling them in the morning where they can shove it!

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