Terminix Rat Pest Control Reviews

I was sold a termite and pest control contract from terminix that is completely fraudulent. I paid 540$ up front for contract and financed the other 2500$ at a 6% interest rate which actually turned out to be 12%. The first bill came 2 weeks after my initial termite treatment. The pest guy came out and supposedly sprayed for wasp, spiders, and set bait box for mice and was there for at most 15 minutes. 2 days later I had to go bye wasp...
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Terminix - Rat exclusion
We had Terminix come out to do a rat exclusion. They charged $1500 for the service. They said they would also be cleaning up rat droppings. The rats were (actually, still are) under the house and are getting inside the walls. They cause noise at night and it gets the dogs to start barking. Terminix screwed some plastic flashing to the top and bottom of the doors to the basement but left screws jutting out the other side so I cut myself on...
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I didn't like
  • Follow thru
  • Service
Nobody should use this company.I had an exclusion service with them which cost a thousand dollars. They did absolutely nothing. The contract indicates if there is no satisfaction money would be refunded. It has been 5 months and repeated calls and no refund. So they took a thousand dollars for nothing. It is a total scam. I want the refund honofred. I think this is a company that should not exist and the staff appeared totally untrained. They...
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I liked
  • Zero
I didn't like
  • Poor customer service skills
  • Everything was poor
  • Total waste of time and money