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I live in an attached home, attached neighbor was away on vacation when I discovered a bee hive in my garage wall (the outside wall is neighbor's back yard). I had a beekeeper coming to remove the hive on Tuesday, Monday my neighbor comes home, sees the bees and hires Terminix to spray poison from his yard into my garage wall.

Called homeowners' association and they said Terminix should never have sprayed into what was obviously someone else's home without permission. Have tried to call Terminix, just get the call center. Of course, my neighbor was also to blame for hiring them without consulting me, but what kind of company sprays poison into someone else's house? And to kill bees?

They should be arrested. Idiots.

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You should contact the department of ag and the epa and complain there. It is against the law to apply pesticides to other peoples properties without permission.

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