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Terminix is notorious for charging for services never delivered or poorly preformed, and mischarges. AND Terminix costs more, BUT instead of showing up each month, they show up every 3 months and do a rush job.

I just won a fight with TERMINIX SERVICE MANAGER, RON DAVIS, WHOM IS IN CHARGE OF PHILADELPHIA, AND SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY. Turned Terminix to the the BBB, Better Business Bureau for services never delivered, and finally won a refund along with BS excuses and a false apology from Ron Davis

Terminix seems to have little to no control over their franchises, and Service Managers have little to no supervision. Usually Service Managers are the only people who can fix bills, allow a clearly deserved refund, or even send legal confirmation of a refund, or even allow legal cancellation of services. Service Managers act like they own their franchises, and continue to rip customers with impunity. For any problem no matter how big or small Terminix will typically tell customers they have to talk to their Service Manager who has no obligation to call anyone back.

Service Mangers can rip customers off at will by charging for services never delivered, botched jobs, or whatever.

Here in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey the big problem is the Service Manager, Ron Davis, refuses to deal with or help customers. A few Customer Service reps were supportive, and sympathetic but they had no pull whatsoever, while some other reps were rude and unprofessional. Terminix HQ in Memphis and Call Centers even left messages requesting Ron Davis call us. We wanted at the very least confirmation (letter or email) that Ron Davis would not bill us again. Ron Davis would not even return calls or emails to Terminix.

FYI I included Ron Davis’s original LinkedIn photo. Most people use professional pics; however Ron Davis chose to go with a fuzzy, grainy, bad night shot red-eyed pic wearing a tank top. Ron changed his photo only after Terminix had to deal with BBB, Better Business Bureau complaints.


Quite simply most pest control companies make more frequent visits, have technicians spend more time per visit, spray more, and offer more services per visit. Most pest control companies will send someone each month to spray inside/outside and offer possibly yard treatments. Terminix instead usually offers to charge more to come out only once every three months. They typically do a bad rushed job, and try avoiding ever going inside. Terminix technicians usually try to spend less than 15 minutes per appointment. Even if the Terminix contract requires more, and the representatives at the Terminix Call Center promised more, their techs deliver less, and usually so as little as possible.

OUR PROBLEMS WITH TERMINIX - Peter Stefanow, Terminix Technician

We paid extra for an initial one time indoor spraying. Our house was empty having just moved in with no furniture and all the rooms empty and wide open. This should have been the easiest spray ever with free clear access to all the walls and baseboards. Peter Stefanow, Terminix “technician” acknowledged he was supposed to spray inside all rooms, and the attic. Instead he refused to even look at the rooms in the house. We asked why he refused to spray inside, and he kept making excuses telling us that usually don’t spray inside anymore calling spraying inside “Spray and Pray”. This made no sense. We were being charged for was indoor treatments. We then called a Terminix Call Center and told them, that we still wanted our inside treatment that we had paid for, and to never send Peter Stefanow back. The Call Center apologized and was baffled as were we that he would not spray inside. They agreed to send a new guy out, and never have Peter return. Terminix sent Peter out again. This time he was even more useless than before, and seemed to be lying twice as much. He still refused to go upstairs where the bathrooms and bedrooms were, and anytime I asked him to spray anything like the garage he lied and said he had already taken care of it the time before, which wasn’t really possible because the garage had been closed, and there was a closed gate around it. Called Terminix back a third time and asked why they sent him back again. Again Terminix said they would send someone new to do the job right, and again they sent Peter. This time I just told him to go away. After giving Terminix three chances to do a simple basic service we asked to cancel our contract and to be given a refund

Terminix offers is usually a laughably bad deal when compared to most other local pest control company services. Even if Terminix services are competent elsewhere if you are in the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey area you are receiving the services offered by Service Manager Ron Davis, and not what the Terminix ads, or the Terminix Call Centers promise.

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