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Terminix is all about the bottom line: MONEY. Here are some examples:

* As a former service manager, I can tell you that pesticides are rationed according to how well the branch is doing financially (so, for example, many times your pest control technician doesn't have enough pesticides to properly treat your problem because it's not cost effective for the branch to buy the stuff)

* It's all about dollars per hour. Every single morning, the branch manager meets with his service managers about how the pest control technicians did the previous day in terms of time spent on service calls vs. dollars earned. If a technician spends too much time at your house, the managers will know it. When I was a manager, we wanted to see a technician spend no more than 15 minutes per service call. This, of course, is not at all sufficient. It takes at least 15 minutes just to inspect the premises for pest problems, let alone treating any infestations

* The technicians are improperly trained. There is such a high rate of technician turnover at Terminix that new employees are rushed through the pest control and safety "training". This mainly consists of watching a bunch of videos. Then, the new technicians will be tutored on exactly what is on the pest control certification test required by the state. They will be taught, in essence, how to beat the test but they won't really know anything about pest control when it's over. A popular saying among Terminix service managers is that their pest control technicians take the "spray and pray" approach to pest control. You don't want that. You want someone who knows how to identify pests and their behaviors before determining the best way to get rid of them.

* Termite sales people are taught how to mislead you, scare you, and otherwise suggest that you have termites in order to get you to pay large amounts of money to treat the "termite infestation" that you allegedly have. If a Terminix sales person says you have termites, call a second company and tell them that Terminix said that you have termites and you want another opinion. The second company will likely tell you the truth if Terminix is lying- mainly because every pest control company hates Terminix. We used to have sales people that took live termites to people's houses, hidden in a jar, and show then show them to the customer as proof that they had a problem. Totally unethical.

* Don't buy the Sentricon termite bait stations. It's a waste of money and it is not at all effective. They do not draw termites to them- the only termites that get in there are the ones that happen to be burrowing right near the bait stations. Other termites could just as easily be drawn to the wood of your house. It's a scam.

* Always - ALWAYS - be home when Terminix pays you a service call. They will try to convince you to take the service when you're not home. Don't let them. The technician will come there, do nothing, sign the paperwork and put it in your door.

* When you cancel your account, get it in writing. If necessary, drive to the branch location and make the customer service rep give you a copy of the canceled contract. Terminix is notorious for continuing service, saying it was a misunderstanding, and then sending you to collection when you refuse to pay for service that you did not want because you had already been assured that your account was cancelled.

* Area managers and Branch managers are encouraged, and shown how to, refuse to compensate you for any damages your house incurs from termites- even though you are supposedly covered under their "guarantee".

In short, Terminix is not only the most unethical company I have ever had the displeasure of working for, but they are well known to their competitors in the pest control industry as being the most underhanded company out there. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY

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Thank you !

I read the agreement before meeting the salesman this Saturday it states.....

"No Class Action Lawsuit" " Annual Contract is implied" BUT I requested a 1 time fumigation via tenting and the salesman sent an annual agreement.

must go to arbitration, the highest interest legally possible if you don't make a payment etc..

and then I read your post . FOR THAT REASON I'M OUT !!!

I think I dodged a bullet.

Poway, California, United States #1217049

This is the worst company ever!!! never use them!!!

Woodstock, Connecticut, United States #1189150

That's the exact thing I was thinking. Like I said my Tech Jeremy Serrano is excellent and I very happy with him a day the branch that services my house.

to Anonymous Hollywood, Florida, United States #1217580

Well to sum this all up I used to work for Terminix for a few years and it's a probably about a 80/20 rule being in favor of 80% is BS it's on ethical and your talk some very negative practice to get people to sign contracts and the other 20% is probably you two guys on here talking about you don't understand you never do this kind of stuff happened you weren't taught that then you one of the lucky ones because it happens every day so thank God that you guys have some morals and professional ethics but 80% of the rest your industry far is Terminix your company they don't so you could support what you do but don't dive in with loyalty when patterns are recognized and Terminix has a huge patteren of deception and that I work there I watched it happen I was a manager and I got my butt chewed out for not following their production will see the letter to try to fit the bottom line so these people that are pissed off they've been played they been misinformed and that's how Terminix has become the largest you don't get to the top of the mountain and business what I'm doing some things that are behind the curtain so you two guys or three that I've read that I kind of missed call someone didn't live up to the obligation yes they did but you're not on the other side so you're not having any issues but if you were on the other side you'd be complaining too if you want treated unfairly so that's the way the ball bounces it's all true it's 80/20 rule when you guys are with the 20 that are doing things right but the other 80% are not your company's not a good company I've sat and watched then go to my neighbor's house is I don't work there anymore and I got a stew sprays on the door jamb in the least and never comes back I'll be back after the rain they never show back up

Woodstock, Connecticut, United States #1189149

Opinions are like *** everyone has one. I on the other hand love my terminix tech and he is very knowledgable about all his pest.

I had a very bad mouse problems.

Got an Exclusion Contract with Terminix and now the only mice I have in the house are my kids. My point not every branch or tech is the same.


Thanks for the information do you recommend any company that does a good job and reasonable cost


I quit Terminix fairly recently. They are unethical, biased, hypocritical, and yes, I was with someone that went into an attic and cut the duct to make it look like their rodent activity was worse than it actually was.

It's happens a lot. If you have kids and are a single parent, don't waste your time applying. If your kids are home sick one day good luck. If you have to *** for anything regarding the home or children, just turn in your resignation instead.



Seems to be angry about being fird.


So so so so so so so TRUE!!!!!!!!!


I work at Terminix a salesman and all of this that this guys is talking about I never heard about. I have never takin termites to anybody's house or roaches or anything.

You don't have to do that in this business because the majority of people especially the ones that call you already have the problem. In other words the problem already exist so you're not selling them on anything that they don't already have. It sounds like this guy lost his job and he's having a difficult time movin on.

Move on! Good luck!!!!


As a sales for terminix you're full of it we don't take termites in jars then lie

Melbourne, Florida, United States #951438

We signed a contract for them to perform extra work for rodents in our attic. We gave them a $500.00 deposit which wasn't suppose to be cashed until work was performed and we signed of.

They immediately cashed the check, we cancelled within the three business days, and now they are telling us that it takes 14 working days to get a refund. Horrible company. Don't allow them near your home. They are liars.

Why should any customer have to wait for a refund????? They had no business cashing a check until the work was performed.

HORRIBLE company. I am writing to the BBB and the FTC on this company.

Mountain View, California, United States #943276

I got into an argument with our Pest Control Tech, he was doing the termite inspection and refused to acknowledge termite activity/damage...even though he confirmed we were his first termite inspection.

We cancelled the service, a new company is confirming we have damage and to call Terminix since our bond is paid for another 6mths.

The only thing Terminix says now is that bc we cancelled that it negates the entire bond and even though the damage was during the 9 years we were with them that they won't cover. It's only been 3 weeks since we cancelled.

I've recorded every call/interaction bc they are such liars.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #910394

Sounds like someone was not living up to par and now is retaliating. I'm a 10yr veteran with Terminix.

I take everyday with pride, treat my customers with passion and take care of the problems with urgency. Terminix is a outstanding company. I can assure you Upper Management will not allow unethical things to take place. Dig deeper and go higher if your problem is not solved in the manner it should have been solved.

There is contact information on the website..

God Bless

Fort Worth, Tx Branch

to OSP2014 #985319

lol you must be management, When I worked there pride went out the window, With a company who is more concerned about numbers rather than treating their employees better. If it was a great company the turnover rate wouldn't be so high and thats the truth.

Woodbury, New Jersey, United States #865713

Trying to cancel with Terminix right now for the same reasons. We signed up for the basic service where the inside of your house is (supposed to be) sprayed on the first initial visit and outside.

The "technician" refused to walk upstairs to check out 2nd or 3rd floor. Only very briefly sprayed inside just a little on the kitchen counter and basement window, and wandered around the outside of the house for a short time. The first visit cost near $200, and we still had bugs in problem areas, so we dealt with it buying sprays and traps at a hardware store. We requested someone else to come out, and do a proper first time inside house spraying, BUT got the same guy, who again refused to do much, and refused again to even take a look at the bedrooms and bath on the second floor saying that spraying outside should be more than enough.

I asked him to spray areas that he skipped outside before, and he refused stating that he had already done so. The "technician" was full of BS and it was like talking to a pathological liar. We called Terminix and explained we still wanted the inside of the house sprayed again, and to NEVER send out the same guy again. Of course he showed up again (WTF!?!), and for some reason a guy also showed up to look for termites, so we are now trying to cancel our service and get a refund as Terminix states "TOTAL SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK".

As you might expect we have called customer service several times with nothing resolved, and we are waiting on the manager to return our calls, which after several days leaving messages we have not heard back.

Also Terminix billed our credit card for an additional $23 with no explanation.

Terminix "technician": Peter Stefanow

Service Manager, Greater Philadelphia Area, Ron Davis

~Woodbury, New Jersey- September 2014

to John Smoak Atlanta, Georgia, United States #943278

We cancelled with them, they refuse to honor ANYTHING. It is the craziest thing I've ever seen, they have zero interest in resolving the issue.

Even when we called Cuatomer Service, they lady was very nice but suddenly turned cold and robotic; I asked if she read comments and was told to not speak with us and she said yes...and apologized. Terminix lies.


This is false if you were doing your job right as a manager your employees would be properly trained and would stay long enough to become an expert. I went through extensive training before I was sent on my own not only learning how to properly identify pests but properly treating and coming up with new ways to treat and fix customers problems.

As a manager you do the hiring so if you have a large turnover of employees and or employees "spray and pray" customers houses you hired and trained them you only have yourself to blame. On the same note if your employees ran out of pesticides you did the ordering and gave out the chemicals to frivolously and again shame on you.

My branch managers take heat all the time from corporate to make sure we always have what we need and if we do run out we borrow from each other and work as a team. We also treat every customer like family going well over the "15 minutes" to properly help every customer.

If you cared about your job trained your employees that you should of picked that equally took pride in their jobs you would of had no complaints .

As for the managers trying not to pay for damages from termites I have watched many customers get paid for their damages to be fixed as long as it was new damage not damage that was there for years before they signed up for Terminix .

I don't know what cockamamie branch you worked for but you are a disgrace of a boss because you helped cause your branch to be a group of rejects bullshitting customers misusing chemicals and putting everyone in danger. Don't trash a company you obviously didn't try to improve but just collect a paycheck and throw your hands in the air and let foul things go on then complain .

to Anonymous Woodbury, New Jersey, United States #865715

Sounds like you worked for a good branch. We however paid near $200 for initial inside house spraying and our "technician" refused to even walk upstairs or check out the other rooms in our house.

Our technician was full of BS and continually fed us a stream of lies and false statements. This technician is terrible in person, and if no one was home, I'm sure he basically skips the address, and just fills out the paperwork.


We gave Terminix 3 chances to do a proper job, and they kept sending the same guy back.

Getting confirmation of our policy cancellation, and a refund has been a huge time wasting hassle so far, and we do not know if either will happen. Also there are have been unexplained additional charges to our account.

Miami, Florida, United States #858118

Everything you have mentioned is what I am going through now. Not one person at office is calling me back or returning my texts.

They caused damage to rain gutters during tenting and will do nothing about it.

Also trying to cancel all services now. AVOID AT ALL COST!!

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