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I sympothize for all the home owners out there. This company has gone in the toilet. All they care about is selling and not actually training the techs to do the proper job.

Several months ago they made us watch a video how the plan was to hit 2 billion in sales. Ever since then they dont give an f about the customer. Its just a greedy money grubbing corporate company now.

They could care even less about their employees. They have changed pay scales to reflect more on sales than service. I hired on to be a service tech 5 years ago, but now i am required to sale "x" amount or i get written up.

Go with a local company. A company that does 8 to 10 jobs a day and has time for you. Not a company that wants their techs to do 20 a day. By that 13 or 14th job, im tired and could care less about my service after that. We have guys quit monthly for lower paying jobs, with less benifits. Only because they want to be treated like a normal person. I work with one guy thats been here 25 years and is retiring after this year. His original plan was to put in 40 years. All over this 2 billion goal.

Its all about taking money, doing crappy service and leaving the customer with the same problems they had. Customers rate plans are jumping as much as $30 a visit.

Go with another company. I hate my job. Hate my management, and hate what this company has turned into.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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I work for Terminix and I agree. We spray the cheapest chemical and can't get the right products to do the job.

We fake like we are a pest control company cause we use the cheapest useless products to maximize profit. If only homeowners new how cheap the chemicals are in comparison to other companies. I'm in contact with a news organization and they want to do a story about terminix.

About the cheap chemical that we know doesn't work, the taking money from the technicians, the faking lunch breaks. This company is a joke and my whole office wants to quit.

to Anonymous #1011918

Amen brothers!! The fact is that Terminix (part of the ServiceDisaster empire!) has degenerated down to nothing more than a bloated Marketing Corporation that just dabbles in pest control!

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