I started to leave a detailed explanation on how I was "done wrong" by Terminix. But, I decided just to leave a good short piece of advice..this company does NOT care about its customers and has absolutely zero integrity!

Spend your hard earned dollars on a small, locally owned and operated pest control company. Most likely you'll get better service and your business will be APPRECIATED! I learned my lesson the hard way. Terminix has turned me over to a collection agency over $104.

I refuse to pay them a dime since I never requested or received the service in question.

Run! Don't walk, away from Terminix

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #946876

I had to pay for an exterior service today 25 inches of snow -10 degrees told him to wait till snow melted he said he doesn't get paid unless he sprays and the co.cuts his pay for unfinished stops terrible way to have to earn a pay check 110.00 1/4 is a lot to pay for snow service I told him to come back in March he refused and said it is what it is ! GOODBYE TERMINIX Found local honest not profit driven non commissioned paid employees who listen that's right listen to what I WANT I PAY THE BILL!!!

to Fed Up #947285

Hey Fahg, you forgot to put your signature "lol" at the end of your last post. Do you really think we can't tell who you are by your 6th grade level writing style?

Marietta, Georgia, United States #946528

Horrible products and service and zero concern about customers. SAVE your money and go with a reputable local company who actually is located in your area and not just a CALL CENTER that never calls back.

Their name no longer stands for quality.


Deadbeat. I've seen their service agreements and I know that if you called them for a pest control service, then you probably agreed to take and pay for 4 exterior services per year. So don't be getting all cheap and poor now that your bug problem is gone.

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