Due to earwigs in my home I scheduled an service call in addition to the regularly scheduled service which is supposed to control such appearances. Upon the day of the appointment, I called to confirm times and was told that the appointment had been rescheduled to the following week.

I was unhappy b/c that meant living with a multiplying insect population for several more days, but I dealt with it, b/c I could manage to be home at the rescheduled time. I sure would have appreciated a call to let me know about the reschedule in advance. BUT, I made sure I was available for the rescheduled appointment, and guess what, no call, no show. After speaking with several representatives, it appears that nothing can be done other than wait several more days, this time I will have to disrupt my work day, not just loose my valuable off-work time.

I'm PISSED! Will be looking to change service after having been a good customer for 8 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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