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ANTS: They never rid them ..poison and say 'they'll increase for a while, but then they'll be gone.' Never gone. Never decreased.

Like they were fed good food, not poison. And, their ULTIMATE GUARANTEE is a joke. I called for service (again) Sat 8/7 at 8:30am, then three more times before 5:30pm closure. Never got call back.

Never got service. Even the supervisor, Stacey Lackey, never called back. Now its 54 hours later, and no return call, no service ..yet their nauseating phone jingle says 'we will provide a solution free of cost within 24 hours. ...

or you're money back." Try and get money back.

All they do is apologize. They are dishonest, false advertising, and in breach of their contract.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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I had them for a while till i was home from work and did not answer the door when they came to do service and do you believe the guy just left a ticket on door and did no work. But he did leave bill on my door.


I concur with Maardvark. They came.

They sprayed.

Not a single ant died. I cancelled the service.


I worked for this company very briefly. It is not a good company.

The customer service agents really are not empowered to do anything but send a note to that branch. When you call you do not speak with a local person.

Managers NEVER return calls. I should have known when it took me two weeks of follow up to have the Office Manager confirm when I would start.

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