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came to my house to rid my yard and next door neighbors yard of box elder bugs. while the guy was spraying, my attention was distracted by the guy trying to sell me termite protection, which i didn't need or want.

the guy spraying never came in for the questions i had, he just left. meanwhile the terminte guy went around and under my house for 1-1/2 hrs. after they all left, i went out. when i came home i noticed they had left my fence gate open and my pitbull was sitting on my front porch!

next doors gate was open also. next day i went to plant my vegies & flowers and the area he said he sprayed was covered in box elder bugs. he did not spray the whole side of the neighbors house and the bugs were nesting in the leaves. i tried calling the same day, day after, and day after.

3 faxes, 2 emails and 4 phone calls and still haven't heard from them. they say money back guarantee, we'll see tomorrow when they open and i am sitting in their parking lot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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I resigned from that company a few years back, I was in middle management, it was the best thing I have ever done. People say "if you don't like it , leave." So that's what I did.

I opened my own company and it's doing well.

Terminix taught me a lot, what not to charge, who not to hire, how not to treat customers , how not to perform a service, and how to get a way with not going back and finishing pre-treatments,etc... thanks Terminix you have been an inspiration


See what happens when you read all these horror stories and you still use this greedy company that only wants your money? This is what happens when you have been warned but you still use them anyway?


yeah he probably sprayed water after doing his 17 stops making his collection calls,buying his own equipment,while his managers play golf and collect bonus on you suckers! stay local.


cut down any box elder trees & your problem is 90% solved... a tech that gives a rats a**


I was recently "let go" last week simply because I didn't sell enough. My customers loved me, never rec'd any complaints, always completed my route 95% or greater, and collected well each month. But because I didn't sell 2-3000$ worth of overpriced and oftentimes totally unnecessery garbage every month they had to let me go. While I did in fact sell (usually at least 500 -1000$/month but sometimes well over the 2000$/month "goal"), my numbers apparently weren't good enough. Trust me, you are far better off with a locally owned pest company that doesn't offer all the other products/services and force their service techs to sell. Or better yet, go to and you can get the exact same products that I used as a tech.

Do the math: On average, the yearly cost for pest control with Terminix is $300.00 (75$ every 3 months). Go to doit and spend 50-100$ and you will have enough product to last you 2 - 3 years.

terminix pest control for 3 years =$900.00 for 3 years = $50-100.00

And if you do go with Terminix, pray that your service tech (pmp) actually gives enough of a rat's *** to provide a good service, because believe me, plenty of them do not. Just a little information and common sense is all anyone needs to take care of their pest problem. There are plenty of avenues one can use to gain necessary info to treat their home correctly, without having to pay dearly.

Obviously I'm not happy with the way I was let go, but the above points reflect the way I've felt for quite some time. I was with the company over two years, and I developed a lot of good relationships with many of my customers. I can honestly say that I treated my customers the way I would expect to be treated, and tried to treat their homes like each was my own. In the two + years I was there, I did see a lot of questionable ethics. And nearly all of these situations revolved around money. Sell, Sell, Sell!! was the mantra.

Do yourself a favor, think twice about dealing with the big companies. Like every other large corporation, it's all about the almighty dollar.

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