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I had an appointment 7/28 with Terminx regarding mice from 1-3 and it is now 4:00 however the techician has not call to say anything. Just never showed up so, I called Terminx to check the status.

I spoke with a representative who informed me that a supervisor would be calling me back to discuss this further and when he called all he could say was that he dont know what happen but he was going to try and contact the tech. This was a whole day waisted and the problem still not resolved. This service has given me a headache since I signed the contract.

It nothing like they advertise. Don't use this service it is terrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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he never showed up because he was probably on his 16 stop and he probably had 5 more to do they kill these service people I worked there for 12 yrs. and the best thing i did was go to smaller co.All they worry about is the bottom line read through these post,they are ALL TRUE!

these service people are treated like slaves,no overtime forced to work saturdays,no overtime,many labor lawsuits there.h.r.

biggest joke in corp america they preach how they are concerned about there employees rights,but at the end of the day they all know they are just a number just like you THE4 oclock appt.they did you a favor not showing after they get your money you become one of there numbers!stay local you will be appreciated as you as a consumer should be.20 yr employees are walking out the door everyday there. And they could care less!!!

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