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Terminix refused to address our termite concern as outlined in a previous post.

Terminix decided to unilaterally cancel the contract rather then to specifically perform their obligations under the contract.

Thus, and under duress, We had to scramble to address the need to directly address our termite concern. We deployed the DOW baiting system in conjunction with spray to a reasonable area around the infestation. The cost of materials was about 1/4 the total bill for Terminix. Why do you need to pay $2600 for an incomplete and usefully-deceptive service when the material cost for a more effective approach is only $550?

Begin totally outraged, we decided to call the private equity firm that owns Terminix's parent servicemaster which is Clayton Dublier and Rice. We explained the chronology to them and they explained they would contact the CEO of Terminix.

We have not heard anything back from Terminix, Servicemaster, or Clayton Dublier and Rice.

Without prejudice, It is my OPINION, that Terminix is involved in selling services that they are unwilling or unable to perform.

The terms of the contract, which include binding arbitration, are designed to protect Terminix not the consumer. The consumer is at a distinct disadvantage with this company even if they have clearly been wronged. For this reason only you would best be advised to avoid this company at all costs.

We noticed that several State Attorney Generals have cited this company for issues and concerns relating to non-performance that are very similar to ours. At what point does does a State Attorney General step in to assist the consumer by aledging systemic conduct to defraud.

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Yes everything goes to arbitration almost impossible to retrieve money people have gone bankrupt in the pursuit of justice stay far far away from this unethical corporate bandit At my branch it was daily dog and pony show!

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