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I purchase the dry wood termite insurance over 8 years ago .Every year I renew it and pay the premium for that insurance. Never had to use it to this year and after 3 months my termite problem still no resolve. SO when they said that y would have an answer the same day or 24 hours is clearly not true

I first call them the 07/11/2014. They send a technician to confirmed that I had termite.

Well since I call then I new that. Did the hot spot treatment who was a waste of time since that never work. Few week later AUgust 5 more sign of termite call them again. Same technician came again once more took some sample of wing and dead termite and tall me the office woul contact me for a solution to my termite problem. WAited a few week still nobody contacted me. ONce more I contact it them. ONce more they came and acknowledge that I have a termite problem. THat was now August 27 ,2014. Waited again and phone them again. THis timethe still send the same technician to measure the house supposedly for tenting. I ask him for the the bag they normally provide for this treatment. He didn't have then with him and told me he would drop them the next day. Ask him when the house would be tent he didn't know they would contact me. SO ask him when they would contact me the answer was up to two weeks for a tent schedule and since they are really busy it could take up to two months for the tent treatment. SO, if that the case and if they Re going to do something about it it would took 5 to 6 months. But so far still no treatment. SO then add we came with a solution in 24 hour all a big fat lie.

Don'twaste you money like I did.

Reason of review: No honoring then contact.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Repair and treatment I paid for the last pass years.

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