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I used to use Terminix in California and it was great. I moved to Melbourne Florida and it's a joke.

The technician pulled up to my house in a truck that looks like it came out of a salvage yard. His power sprayer didn't work. His backpack was leaking all over him. Then he sprinkled out one ounce of granular ant bait.

I asked him if he could put more and he said his manager only gives him enough for one ounce per 7-8 houses. He showed me the container that was supposed to last a week and I couldn't believe it. Finally the service manager Dave came to my house cause my any problem was out of control. I don't blame the technician cause he doesn't he the equipment or stuff to do the job.

Dave took time to walk around the house but he had zero social skills. It was like talking to a anti social 15 year old. He used a different product than the technician. This product worked finally.

The technician later informed me that he knew that product would work the first time he came to the house. But the manager is so cheap he won't give it out. So, this poor technician made 4 trips without the right equipment or chemical cause the office is too cheap?!!! I tend to believe the technician cause his truck was falling apart.

My neighbor then got the ants and Dave had to go there too. He talked to her 8 year old like he was a delinquent in front of her father. We compared out service tickets and took them to our friend at Orkin. He said the Technician is using the cheapest chemical and the smallest amount possible.

But the manager uses the right stuff. He said it's a tactic managers use to increase their budgets. They use cheap product until they really are forced to do the job right. I think Terminix in Melbourne has some serious issues and it's with the management not the technicians.

I have canceled and switched to Orkin. Their trucks have functional equipment and the job gets done properly the first time.

If anyone from Terminix reads this, please do your company a favor and go look at the trucks at the Melbourne office. When you live in a neighborhood with 3 million dollar homes, you don't want a truck covered in debts and falling apart in your driveway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Manager.

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