SWITCH AND BAIT CO. Terminix is by far the largest rip off company I have ever used.I had a inspection,it was set up my my real estate agent.

After there so called bargain inspection (that was the sales mans response to my complaint )I charged you only $100 for the inspection. So he did. Then he gave a bid for the work to do, I used him for only one of the iteams as it was a Condo and all else was covered by HOA. They added $1000.00 to the $450.00 bid.

The work was just what the bid said, nothing was found different then bid. BUT $1000.00 WAS ADDED .

That would have been $450.oo a hr. KARMA IS A COMPANY THAT BELLYS UP.

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I was recently "let go" last week simply because I didn't sell enough. My customers loved me, never rec'd any complaints, always completed my route 95% or greater, and collected well each month. But because I didn't sell 2-3000$ worth of overpriced and oftentimes totally unnecessery garbage every month they had to let me go. While I did in fact sell (usually at least 500 -1000$/month but sometimes well over the 2000$/month "goal"), my numbers apparently weren't good enough. Trust me, you are far better off with a locally owned pest company that doesn't offer all the other products/services and force their service techs to sell. Or better yet, go to doityourselfpestcontrol.com and you can get the exact same products that I used as a tech.

Do the math: On average, the yearly cost for pest control with Terminix is $300.00 (75$ every 3 months). Go to doit yourselfpestcontrol.com and spend 50-100$ and you will have enough product to last you 2 - 3 years.

terminix pest control for 3 years =$900.00

doityourselfpestcontrol.com for 3 years = $50-100.00

And if you do go with Terminix, pray that your service tech (pmp) actually gives enough of a rat's *** to provide a good service, because believe me, plenty of them do not. Just a little information and common sense is all anyone needs to take care of their pest problem. There are plenty of avenues one can use to gain necessary info to treat their home correctly, without having to pay dearly.

Obviously I'm not happy with the way I was let go, but the above points reflect the way I've felt for quite some time. I was with the company over two years, and I developed a lot of good relationships with many of my customers. I can honestly say that I treated my customers the way I would expect to be treated, and tried to treat their homes like each was my own. In the two + years I was there, I did see a lot of questionable ethics. And nearly all of these situations revolved around money. Sell, Sell, Sell!! was the mantra.

Do yourself a favor, think twice about dealing with the big companies. Like every other large corporation, it's all about the almighty dollar.


I have an unknown insect in one room of my home and they came out to inspect. The inspector took 2 samples from the room and one outside the room that he said looks like they might be the culprits. Then he found one by my AC unit, which he said then was probably just part of an earwig. He said he would ask around, most likely would speak with the guy who would be coming out to perform the service, to see if he could identify them and would call me back no later than the next day. This is an international company and they can't do better than asking around?!

First, he never called back nor did he return my call when I left a message for him on his voice mail.

Second, when the guy came out to start the service I asked him about it, on top of the fact that he was rude, he had no clue what I was talking about. He called his boss, who never received the samples and couldn't get in contact with the inspector, and I explained what happened during the inspection and we agreed to go ahead with the treatment. Before he began I asked the if the treatment would cover the insect problem that were having and he said without knowing what it is he can't say for sure. I told him that I need to know what that insect is first. Then he says the treatment covers everything (whatever it is) except bedbugs, which we know for sure it isn't. I told him to just find out what the insect is first and he left.

Then I get a call from his supervisor saying that he now has the sample and whatever the insect is that he is looking at is not what was biting me, thought they never bothered to identify it. He said they would come out as many times as it took, even if he had to come out himself. He wanted to start off treating for fleas, even though they know it's not fleas. I finally said no thank you and hung up. I could tell it was just a preview of the problems I would have with them if I had let them start. I then called the inspector, he finally answered, and asked him to return the sample. He said said sample wasn't isn't the insect I am having them problem with. I told him I wanted to find out for myself, so I needed them returned to me. He said you should still have other samples there in the room.

These people are crooks and I can't believe they are still in business. I can't believe they are allowed to operated like this. I was really lucky to get out without having paid hundreds of dollars out of pocket and I'm so sorry for those of you who weren't so lucky!

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