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JUNE 6 TERMINIX Tented our house for termites.We were given a pamplet on how to prepare for this .There was no info on pets.I asked the men who came to set up.If they were sure that no animal could get under there,he assured me nothing could.While it is true that a cat could not get under the tent.It is also true that they scared the cats who ran under the deck.They went ahead with the extermination.They did not check if all the cats were out before they began.I would have put the cats in the RV where we were or even boarded them.But they insisted everything was ok.This tragedy could have been avoided if they had just looked before starting.As it turns out they are not really Terminix at all but some no name company from southern calif.I was so upset I had to take a lot of pills for days because I could not stop crying.I feel so guilty for trusting my cats lives to some strange men who did not care what they did.Now they keep sending me bills for the balance $1,600.I called the co and told them was not going to pay.They agreed with me on the phone but have every intention of collecting the full amount.I do not know if I should wait until then or take them to small claims court now

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You people are ***. I agree with the above.

Terminix buried my cat and didn't tell us anything. We found out in the worst way. We were also informed that he would be fine. Pets are not pets.

They are sons and daughters. They are innocent, and don't deserve to die. Mine was only a year old. I had to call animal control to unbury him because the smell was that obvious.

It was him. Get a lawyer involved.

Seek justice on people who lack morals. If not for yourself, then for your cat.



Seriously? How could you not know?

I don't know if they've changed the pamphlet but it cleary states to remove all living things from the home, including plants, it isn't their responsibility to go under the deck and get your cats.

It was YOUR responsibility to prep your home. You can't blame Terminix for your negligence.


If you knew it wasn't terminix when you started writing your post, why did you start by saying terminix killed your cats? I also agree with the previous post about you taking responsibility for your cats. Where did you think your cats would go?


I'm sorry about your cats but to make them resposable for the where abouts of YOUR cats is wrong. YOU should have made sure your cats where acounted for yourself. As far as I can tell the only one to blame is yourself.

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