I cancelled a treatment date with terminix and they supposedly showed up and did the treatment anyway- at least that is what the bill I keep getting states. After countless phone calls and emails, I was told the issue was resolved and they would credit my account- that took about 1 month.

Now I keep getting billed for the treatment that I cancelled. When I contacted customer service I was given a HUGE run-around. The issue is still not resolved and supposedly the Executive Services Offices are now working on it.

Needless to say that I cancelled my services with Terminix in October, right after this instance as it was not the first time. So far this has been an on-going mess since late October.

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If it is still ongoing tell them you will pay when they send you a signed copy of the statement. If you did not sign for the treatment then you do not have to pay for it.


Just had the same awful experience! They came and sprayed and said it was under my contract.

It wasn't!

They billed for extermination in Novemeber when there weren't any bugs, I didn't contact them! They refuse to accept No for an answer.


Call 901-766-1400 and dont speak to anyone except Sally Archibald, she is the Executive Assistant to Tom Brackett the President of Terminix. You will immediately get a response from the Region Manager.

You will get your issue resolved that day. As a former Branch Manager I can urge you to never use their services again. If you speak to anyone other than Sally you will continue to get the runaround.

Find a local owner operated company and you will have a better chance of actually getting quality service. Hope this helps.

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