i made an appointment on Monday for a termite inspection for Tuesday between 8-10 am. Here it is 10:15am, no one is here.

I called them, they called the tech to see where he was. of course no answer. They lefties a message. Called back at 12 noon to see if he called back on even if he was coming.

they called him again, now the cell going to voicemail. I called back at 3 pm to say no one called or showed up. poor service at this point. Rescheduled appt for Wed 5-7 pm.

called them at 12 to verify if the tech was actually going to come. While speaking with them, they said the appt was scheduled wrong. really!!! So the appt We'd was canceled.

rescheduled for another tech for Thursday 8-10 am. The tech came out, looked outside and came inside. looked in every room, and came to front door and said he could not provide inspection report because furniture was in the way. WTF!!

So you want me to move all the furniture to determine if terminites on home. you kidding me. He was very rude and unfriendly.as I was trying to tell him what and why I needed the report, he walked away. At this point, I am steamed.

Why the heck are you walking away from me while I'm trying to explain what I need. You found nothing in my home which was what I needed to show a clear termite inspection.

But he was careless old man. I would never recommend these ppl to anyone!!!!!

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