Bernardsville, New Jersey
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I don't usually register complaints at such a public level however with that said I'm appalled at what happened when I called to schedule a Terminix free inspection for mice entry. Two guys showed up.

I was handed a brochure ( that I had to hand back brw). After giving them the tour and them spending a few minutes walking the property, I was handed the same brochure with a $3000+ quote, no specific detail on what they saw, what the process was to seal holes and an announcement that the power company had been called because I have termites and they needed drill flags put out. WHAT? I told them I was not interested and still got a followup call and the power company just showed up a few minutes ago because the Terminex guys that scheduled them without my permission did not even have the courtesy to call gack and cancel.

That cost the power company real money to send someone out needlessly WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I do not have termites per my recent house inslection and previous insect service with ORKIN. Seriously? They could not show me one termite or real indication.

Seriously? How many people uneducated on the topic get scared and just hand over thier money? Plus, I only asked for a mouse inspection. I think I will try the old fashion way with steel wool and dryer sheets.

Scam alert?

Are these guys for real?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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