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Terminix are scaring children to death across the country with those atrocious disgusting commercials and they don't see to care the affect it's having on our children. What is wrong with these people and who do they think would take to those commercials in the first place?

They need to be stopped and I'm going to sue them for frightening the heck out of my grannies.

Maybe we should all get together and start a class action suit to force them to discontinue those atrocious things immediately. I can't even look at them myself and I'm a grandmother who have seen many critters in my day but not as gross as their critters though.

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I would not use Terminix just because of their disgusting commercials period in an essence you are letting bugs into our house with your stupid commercials


I am totally on board with any class action suit aganinst Terminix, it is a shame that they don't feel the need to warn people that the images are so graphic and disgusting like you see on normal TV program!!!!!!! I will use my personal resources on any suit filed against this *** company


Call them and complain. 800-837-6464 for sales and customer service or corporate office at (901) 766-1100.

Also, the purpose of their commercials is to get new customers.

Make sure you avoid working with them or cancel your service with Terminix and True Green. Same company.


We should take out a "class action" suit against this company for the mental damage they have caused our children. There's no telling what life long damage something like this can cause. I'm going to speak with an attorney I know to see what I would need to do to get something like this startede.


When are you all going to take that disgusting commercial off the air?Everytime it comes on it makes my stomache turn.Just bad advertisement.Just plain nasty.You all can advertise your business without being so distasteful.A


Dear Bpitter2007:

I glad to see that I am not the only parent who children have experienced serious nightmares from watching those digusting Terminix commercials. My daughter and I were watching of all channels, the Hallmark channel when those Terminix digusting commercials came on.

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