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My landlord hired terminix and I wish he would have taken the time to check reviews on yelp prior. Everything seemed fine and dandy.

The rep was a nice guy and we appreciated him explaining everything to us. After the tent was taken down I arrived home to a complete mess of my bedroom. I understand that all drawers had to be opened etc.. everything was taken out of my closet and thrown around my room.

Chairs were stacked on everything removed and in a pile. My clothes and expensive jackets that were hanging were found on the ground and stepped on. They made no mention of clearing out closet space or I would have happily done it. The insulation from the attic was everywhere.

They managed to literally get it everywhere. I couldn't find a single room where the insulation hadn't be tracked. One of them was nice enough to leave his nasty TERMINIX hat on top of my stack of hats. Hats off to you guys!

There's more to it which is expected after reading all the reviews. The window in my room had mud all over the sill and handle as well as a muddy handprint on our new white blinds. The same muddy handprint that was on the handle to my plastic storage closed outside. The lock mechanism was bent and they had detached the wall from the floor and *** near ripped it completely apart.

Everything was stacked neatly inside prior to them arriving and now it looks like it had been gone through. I decided to buy a lock after seeing the guys who were going to be occupying my house in my absence. I would like to think i'm a good judge of character and this proved my intuitions. I have not observed any missing items yet but i'm still digging through the carnage as I write this review.

My wife and I had just deep cleaned the house prior to their arrival, which was a waste. Last but def not the least... I entered my house 3 hours after the notice of safe entry sign was posted. I was inspecting the wreckage is dismay and my eye were burning horribly and my tongue was on fire.

I never get headaches but i would consider this one a migraine. I opened up all the windows and turned my fans on. I felt completely dizzy and nauseous. I left the house and made various calls to see if there was any chance that their metering device which is supposed to read less than 5 parts per million could have given a false reading.

Nobody seemed worried at the agriculture commissioner office but me. My work credit card was out of my nightstand and placed on top. I'll be checking the account religiously. I got another hotel room for the night which I won't be reimbursed for because the landlords place which was also serviced by Terminix seemed fine.

Not even going to bother wasting my time complaining to a def woman. Instead I will write reviews and post pics so that others don't make the same mistake as us. Their competition most likely all have houses in La Jolla and are driving Tesla's given the amount of negative reviews Terminix has. If I were the comp I would pull all my advertising and take all the Terminix guys to lunch!

Ha, enjoy the read. I'll pay any of you to clean my house...j/k i'm broke from rent due the day we left, 3 hotels, 3 nights parking and 18 meals out with my wife. F***! Here is conversation of the follow up to my review from Terminix manager.

*Michael (Terminix manager): Thank you for posting your experience on YELP! We would like to address this matter further. Please send an e-mail to Socialmediasupport@termi.... Listing your full-service address, the phone number associated with the account # and you're Yelp!

Review. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced. Thank you, Michael *One week ago.. Me: I am a tenant at XXXXXXXXX.

I did not hire your company, therefore I do not have a customer ID. Before giving you any more information I would first like to know how you can possibly make this right. This whole experience has been a giant waste of my time and energy and quite frankly I feel like this email is as well. Thanks, Sean *Manager: One week ago Sean, Can you please provide me with the phone listed on the account?

I was unable to locate the account with the address. -Lena *One week ago Me: Not sure what the landlord's phone number is. I'm sure if you dig around you will be able to find the client info based on address or by calling your rep Steve. Michael W.

*Manager: Sean, I would need the address or the phone number listed on the account to assist you with this matter. - Lena *One week ago Me: Michael, If you scrolled up in our previous conversation you would be able to see that I provided you with my address already. *Me: Again, it is XXXXXXXXXXX ........................................................................................................................................................ Well looks like the problem is resolved on their end.

Now what do they going to do for me ??? CRICKETS so far....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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