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Shock value to advertise is low enough, but to have these disgusting commercials airing is unacceptable. They are are way too graphic and offensive, and difficult to explain to children, whom are drawn to these commercials because they are in "cartoon-ish" style graphics.

Bugs are a disgusting matter in and of itself, but these advertisements are going too far. The one I saw recently has a slithering bug looking thing coming out of the kitchen drain licking everything and then turning into billions of bugs spreading through the house.

Terminix, stop scaring people into business and let your professionalism (if you have any) speak for itself. I question any business or profession resorting to this type of marketing.

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I have a 3 year old and 5 year who I don't want to see this commerical. I also don't want to see the disgusting commerical. I turn the channel everytime it airs.


I agree, the commercials are truly disgusting and should stop airing immediately. They are vile and nauseating.

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