Point Pleasant, West Virginia

I call to report a pest control problem today. No 1 even bother showing up.

I got an estimate of 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock instead I got a phone call telling me that my pest control problem would cost over 1400 dollars for a small 2 bedroom apartment is that fair or they scam artists. My landlord won't do anything else about the problem slumlord in the matter of speaking so it's up to me to deal with the problem honestly with 1 phone call I would disregard anyone to go through Terminix because I do have a feeling they are a big scam rip off

Product or Service Mentioned: Terminix Pest Control.

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You did the right thing,1400 over the phone sounds just like what the terminix culture,is all about once they get you your done! Then they will try to sell you every service under the sky!

Stay local and independent at least you will dealing with same person every time and will not be oversold or scammed!,this co.

Has major turnover for the reason,mgmt. Is so out of touch with there employees here they could care less who leaves here,it is all about units,budgets,sales,and screw service employees,they make it easy for competitors to flourish,thanks for the business Terminix

to 911 Tucson, Arizona, United States #905837

It would be wonderful if you or the original complainant could:

1. Spell.


Indicate WHAT type of pest the phone quote was for (I'm guessing bed bugs as an approximate quote CAN be given over the phone with just the square footage.)


Is there something wrong with the LARGEST, MOST SUCCESSFUL Pest Control company IN THE WORLD offering more than one service to their customers? It's called a "business plan." It's how businesses GROW.

Yes, I AM an employee of ServiceMaster, the parent company of Terminix.

to texasguppie #1022210

So am I, and after witnessing your pompous attitude, which is a terrible representation of the company, I will be personally looking into who you are. Have a nice day.

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