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Terminix calls themselves one of the top 10 rated companies in the US. BULL!

They have been out 4 times to treat for bed bugs we got on vacation and after 600+ dollars are refusing to do anything else for us. The supervisor himself said they would come out as many times as it takes to get rid of them, then 3 weeks later says they will only come ONE more time. Their method for Bed Bug treatment does NOT work, they are NOT thorough, and their customer service SUCKS! I dont know how they can sleep at night knowing they screw people over like this.

Better believe Im going to the BBB, all sites to review, a lawyer, and the roof tops if I have to to let people know not to waste their hard earned money on these thieves! What a rip off, hope they all take home bed bugs and learn what its like to have to live like this for over 6 months

PS- I am in my 8th month of my high risk pregnancy, my 5 year old, myself and my husband have been sleeping on a couch for 6 of these months cuz I refuse to get bit and threw our items away including mattresses, will be bringing home a preemie in 2 weeks...

Thank you Terminix for all of your help... NOT!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Update for all wondering, since people are still having issues.

Ended up getting refunded only 600.00 out of what we paid, and went with Connors Pest Control who had heat treatment and a dog trained to fine the "nest" (in my closet).

Dog found all hot spots and they treated with heat. It worked!

Dog came back and found no trace, and never had another issue. Sorry to see Terminex is still dicking people over.

Ocoee, Florida, United States #1286269

Timeline of Events

We contacted Terminix to receive a quote for bed bugs heat treatment. The salesperson, Andre, came to the house.

He inspected the house and informed me that we did not need the heat treatment. He gave me the quote of $1080, which is more than what I received from Orkin ($800) and our current Pest Control provider. However, Andre’s level of inspection, knowledge, and details of the treatment was quite informative. He explained why it was necessary for the treatment one week after the first treatment.

Basically, the first treatment flushes the bugs out and makes them angry so to speak. The second treatment is what kills them. He also said that the eggs hatch in one week. So the second treatment would catch those.

It was this amount of professionalism that swayed our decision to go with Terminix. I signed the contract a few days later and gave Andre a $500 check. Andre informed me of what the treatment entails: light and outlet covers were to be removed for treatment (we did this prior), the baseboards would be removed (technician), carpet will be pulled back along the baseboards (technician), mattresses and box spring will be treated (technician), all clothing-bedding-curtains to be put in dryer at the highest temp for 30 minutes (we did this Pre-treatment), thorough vacuuming in living room-hallway-bedrooms (we did this Pre-treatment), mattress and box spring covers will be replaced with Terminix covers. I asked Andre if we are to remove the mattress covers we had on already or was that considered as the bottom sheet.

He told me to leave to them on. I scheduled the treatments to be performed while we were out of town. I explained that we would have the pets with us and this needed to be completed before we returned due to having guests staying at the house after we return. He said that would be no problem.

First treatment was scheduled for December 19, 2016 and the one week follow-up treatment to occur on December 26, 2016. I did receive an email stating the first treatment has completed. Never received anything for the second treatment. Upon our arrival from vacation, we noticed the lock was still on the door and our original mattress covers were still on with new ones over them that were way too small.

Full size covers were on the queen bed and a Queen cover was on our Cal King mattress. The Cal King mattress cost me over $3000 and approximately 2 years old. Upon further inspection, the zipper on one of the covers was broken as well. Nothing seemed to have been moved and all plate covers were still off.

So, my question is, just how much if any treatment was done in the rooms.

I arrived to the house close to midnight Wednesday on December 28, 2016, with my daughter who was visiting for the rest of her Christmas break from school. I called the Terminix number the following morning, December 29, 2016, to find out why I didn’t get a notification of the treatment for the second visit, why the old covers were still on, and to make them aware the lock box was still on the door. Not to mention that since the old covers were still on, the mattresses and box spring were never treated either. It was then I learned that no one came to my house to do the follow-up as scheduled for December 26, 2016.

I was very displeased with the service or I might say the lack of service at this point. She scheduled for someone to come back out to my house to put the covers on. This doesn’t fix the fact that the one week follow-up treatment was missed and will be almost two weeks. The appointment was scheduled for them to arrive between 8 and 10:00 am Saturday, December 31, 2016.

So, now, there is a risk that not only these bugs are still present, but a higher chance my daughter could take them back to her house. Not to mention she is sleeping at my house and now this issue is known which I didn’t want. Friday, December 30, 2016, a man from Terminix showed up and handed me the mattress covers. I questioned him, “why are you here today?

You are not supposed to be here until tomorrow and why are you handing me these?” He said he was told to drop them off. I told him he needs to call his manager, because I paid to have these put on at the time of treatment. I am not putting them on. He called and the person he spoke with asked why he was there today?

He wasn’t supposed to be there until tomorrow. He said it came up for today. So I took the covers and placed them in the house. I guess the person coming in the morning will take care of everything.

Saturday, December 31, 2016.

Stayed at the house for the majority of the day waiting for Terminix to show up. 10:00 am had come and gone, but we stayed there until 1:00. Meanwhile, Andre showed up. He knew I was quite upset.

He didn’t realize what all was going on and he was just stopping by to get the lock and see how things were going. He listened to everything I said and called his manager. Andre told me I should have never called the Terminix 800 number, because to them we are just a number and told me I should have called him directly. Manager said he would get someone out there to treat the house, put the covers on, credit my account for the issues and inconvenience, and my 90 days would not begin until January 2017.

So, we would have until March to pay off the balance. I told him, I just want this fixed. Someone came out and steamed the mattresses and box spring, then put the covers on with the help from my BF, and inspected. No treatment!

He scheduled the follow-up treatment for Thursday, January 5, 2017.

Appointment was kept and the tech treated only the beds, nothing else, and inspected with a flashlight that would barely stay lit. As he was inspecting the Cal King, I noticed a small hole in the seam on the cover. So he replaced the cover.

When he was done, we scheduled a follow-up treatment for Thursday, January 19, 2017.

January 19, 2017 – Terminix never called or showed up. Now I am close to filing a claim against Terminix. Plan to call Andre to get his manager’s number before seeking further action.

January 25, 2017 – I called Andre to let him know that yet again, no one came to do the follow-up treatment as scheduled for January 19, 2017 and I asked him if he remembered why I scheduled the treatment to be done while we were on vacation. He said yes, because of guests. I told him this brings me to the next issue, now my daughter has bed bugs at her house. I am so upset with how a known company such as this one has done such a poor job with following their treatment plan.

The manager called me back and the conversation did not go well. As soon as he said they treated and started naming off dates, I knew right then this was going to be bad. I informed him real quick of the dates of what was scheduled and let him know what days no one ever showed up. He also said it takes more than a couple of treatments to fix the issue and that my daughter’s house had nothing to do with their treatment.

Then I informed him of what Andre explained to me and also the fact that if they had treated when they were supposed to then there would have been very little risk. I was so upset and angry when I spoke with the manager that I could hardly speak. I did tell him that my account needs to be adjusted due to this whole situation and also, if matters didn’t get fixed I will seek court action. He then told me that was my prerogative.

During the call, he told me someone would be at my house on Thursday between 4-6 and also the following Thursday, February 2, 2017. Later in the evening, the tech called my BF to let him know both his manager and himself would be at the house Thursday, January 26. January 26, 2017 – I had to leave work early again to be home in time for the tech. Both came to the appointment.

Inspected and didn't see anything, no treatment. Manager ended up ripping the Terminix cover on the Cal King. After inspecting the other room, box spring cover were ripped as well. Manager said for us to put cardboard and duct tape on the frames, call the technician to let him know it was done and he would come out to replace them.

We sent a message on Tuesday to see if he could come back out on Thursday at 4:30. Technician replied he had to ask his manager. Thursday at 5:30, no one has ever replied or showed up. Spoke to manager he said he wasn't at the office, he would get back to us.

Following Monday, still nothing. Finally, the technician got back to us and said he could come Friday at 5. He didn't make it until 7pm, said he was doing this off the clock. I asked him why was he here then since he was off the clock and he said because no one else will come here.

He replaced the covers with Arm & Hammer covers vs. theirs. The material is much thinner. I asked him if he was going to treat because I have been bitten several times since they were here last and he said no because it wasn't on his order.

He said we needed to call and make an appointment. Our 90-day so called warranty will be up in less than a month.

to Anonymous Ocoee, Florida, United States #1286272

Wish I would have seen this in November. I thought going with a known pest control in this area was a good decision.

I was quite wrong. Very disappointed in this company. Not sure how they are still in business, especially with EPA standards and health risks that are associated with these bugs.

I posted a review on here with your thread (# 1007609), but for some reason it went against Rent A Center? Don't know what happened there.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1263521

Who did you go through after they didnt work?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1170180

My wife, 2 kids and I are going through almost the same exact situation. These thieves charged us 1723$ to treat our house.

The second treatment the guy swore to us that these bugs won't go into the kitchen. Well, we have been seeing them all over the cabinets. The exterminator basically said everything but told us we were crazy. We don't know what to do!!

I'd say I want to get my money back, but we all know this POS thieving company wouldn't dare.

Our next step is to cancel our children's vacation to Disney this summer and buy our own forced air propane heater. Any advise from your similar nightmare?


iam going through the same I had a small amount of bed bugs in my daughters room I had other compnys come and tell me it was not bad at all I went with terminix thinking they were the best WRONG I paid 850.00 got encasements on all beds in the house to be safe I have still been finding bed bugs in my daughters room they have been out 6 times I asked the manager for my money back they are giving me the run around I going to the BBB also hope you do the same they are a rip off . you can also go to rip off .com and add them

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States #705650

I also had a major issue with Terminix coming to do my 2 family home, I paid over $2,000.00 dollars to have them do both units. they only returned one time and then another when I called.

The bugs are still here and I am highly confident they never really went away. I will not go through them again for this sort of treatment. Every other company I have spoken to has said the same thing; that Terminix and companies that use a "freeze treatment" or Heat the house do not work. They called them gimicks.

Only pesticide can truly help with that situation.

However with this being said, the Terminix employee I dealt with was extremely nice and understanding, he went above and beyond helping us understand exactly what we needed to do to prep the households. He was also very prompt, said he would be here at 7:30am and was a few minutes early.

to Insomniac via BedBug #1327956

Actually freezing and high heat treatments are the more effective way to get rid of bed bugs any company that claims they can do it with just pesticide ( bed bugs are highly resilient to pesticides ) is pretty much ripping you off terminix literally does nothing to control the problem they spray some chemicals that likely wont kill anything and charge you a ton while telling you to prep by cleaning vacuuming and steaming your furniture which is more effective at getting rid of them than the chemicals dont get me wrong the chemicals do help but you are effectively paying them while doing all the major work yourself I literally spent 4 days cleaning steaming and vacuuming my apartment they spent less than an hr spraying a pesticide the same night my sofa had bed bugs crawling on it i assumed that that was normal and they would slowly die off as the came into contact with the chemicals , i waited several days and did nothing no more vacuuming nothing , i have not found one dead bug and anywhere and i still have the problem at this point I can safely say I killed more with a steamer then they did with a chemical they are supposed to be the professional exterminators why am i doing all the work?


I had a HIDEOUS experience with terminix for bed bugs. A child in my sons school has been coming in with them ON HIS CLOTHES for over a month...Low and behold....we have them.

I found one in my room...one in my one son's room. Terminiix came out looked at the two I captued in a ziplok and said yup you have em. They conned me into a contract that stated they's treat with all these chemicals, steam or heat , plus disassemble bed frames etc. 1st treatment they were in and out in 20 minues...20 minutes to treat 1600 square feets of my 2nd floor.

I asked the "inspector" to inspect visually and he said the bugs in the ziplok confirms the bedbugs and that they would only harbor within 2 feet of my bed. after 2 treatments i wa ssitting on my downstairs living room couch and a bedbug crawled on my arm...I freaked , ripped the couch apart and it has fecal matter and 4 visible bugs witin it. I threw the couch out immediately. I know this is not a solution, but I beliueve after MUCH research , that if a couch is infested, it is much harder to treat than most items.

I then hired a bed bog dog detection company. the dog alerted 4 different spot in our bedroms abd in my vaccum. I hired them and now am disputing my charges and contract with terminix. How can a company get away with bamboozling people?

You don't even look and you treat? I was panicked and vulnerable and they attacked me with their BS. The new company I hired RIPPED through every area of my home and found and showed me the bugs. They treated VERY thouroughly and I will wait and see.

I have to say I have WAY more confidence in this new company but time will tell. We were JUST treated today for the 1st time. I am hoping and praying. I am a neat freak.

My house has to be clean and in order and this is making me and my family CRAZY. I called terminix to complain and had the WORST most UNBELIEVABLE customer service. The manager was on a Kindergarten level mentality. To the total lack of inspection--he said it was "human error" oh so I should pay for human error causing an infestation to grow three more weeks because of their human error (lack of inspection).

They were suppoed to perform all of their listed duites according to their contract, but failed. They never inspected(breach) they never disassembled bedframes (breach) they never steamed (breach) I was conned and ripped off and I will not pay them a cent and will fight this until I win.

AND I WILL. INEXPERIENCED *** ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to amber simons #1097563

Did the new company's treatment work? If so what is it called and what was the price


Was forced to hire Terminix by my apartment complex and I am pissed! They were just here on Thursday for treatment and I've already seen 2 bed bugs!!

The guy that did the inspection knew nothing about how to prepare my house for the treatment and then the guy who did the treatment showed up a half hour before the scheduled time without calling to say he was on his way and then got pissy with me when I said I had to call my fiancé to come let him in. Then when he was done he never called to say he was finished or give me any further instructions.

Very unprofessional and don't do what they say they are going to. Do not use them!!!!


I am having a similar problem, sadly my nightmare has just begun. They spent 5 mins spraying my bed and couches.

They lied and put in their system that they spent 50 mins treating my apt. I complained and they said they'd come back out but never showed


Well, looks like Terminix is trying to cover its a_s_s_ yet again right here on this site by saying to contact their so called "customer care" phone #. WHAT A CROCK OF C_R_A_P!!!

All they "care" about is making a buck. They must be a bunch of Jews!

Wildwood, Florida, United States #414352

Unfortunately, it is standard practice for Terminix Technicians to take short-cuts, and do incomplete work. Terminix gives their Pest Techs such high numbers that they are force to hit, that its the customers that ultimately get screwed.

This method was jokingly referred to by employees as "slamming". This is why I left and now work for a small company that actually cares about its customers.


After filing a report with the BBB I finally got someone in the higher up to come to my place and inspect it. The guy they sent over was extremely helpful, and he had come to the conclusion that the exterminators weren't doing their job properly (being lazy and taking shortcuts). They didn't spray inside any electrical outlets, they didn't vacuum like they are supposed to, and they didn't bring the right size bed cover.

After 5 times of treatment and the problem still remaining, they have to spray twice more (that's SEVEN TIMES!).

It's sad it has gone this far, I just wish they would have done this right the first time. I know I will NEVER use Terminix EVER again, and STRONGLY discourage anybody from hiring them.


Update: Terminix "resolved" the issue after my calling daily and posting negitives on websites-- gave me a full refund. I used my refund to hire Conner's Pest Control who got the job done in one hit with Heat Treatment + chemical treatment.

It cost a pretty penny, but we have been bug free since and were finally able to get back in our rooms! Still check daily for bugs on beds, walls, etc, and inspect every black spot I see, but so far so good!I will eventually be able to relax my mind!


To the employee who was "let go" Do yourself a BIG favor, and sue them for your unemployment for wrongful termination. Then fter that is settled, sue em in the biggest lawsuit ever known for wrongful termination as well.

Everyone who has ever worked for them realises NOW that Terminix has a habit of ruining good people. The morale there is very poor, and they do NOT care anything about their employees.

Terrible company. Hopefully if enough people complain about them, they will go "under" we can only hope that they get forced into Bankruptcy!!


I was let go last week simply because I didn't sell enough. My customers loved me, never rec'd any complaints, always completed my route 95% or greater, and collected well each month.

But because I didn't sell 2-3000$ worth of overpriced garbage they had to let me go.

Trust me, you are far better off with a locally owned pest company that doesn't offer all the other products/services. Or better yet, go to doityourselfpestcontrol.com and you can get the exact same products that I used as a tech.

Wyandanch, New York, United States #264708

Dear DisgustedInVa:

Thank you for posting this concern about your Terminix experience. With your permission, we would like to look into this matter further. Please contact us via email at terminixcares@terminix.com, we will gather additional information related to this issue for the purpose of resolution. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for the opportunity,


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